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What is your “americanized” indian recipe?

What I mean by “Americanized” (or any other nation-ized) recipe is a where you don’t have the right amount of ingredients and are to lazy to go to the store to get the right ingredient and you just make a lazy cover for it. For example, Mexican tortillas to cover for naan or something similar.

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4 thoughts on “What is your “americanized” indian recipe?

  1. Dal from canned lentils and canned tomato paste.
    oil->jeera->chopped onions->chilli->tomato paste->(spices)->water->lentils
    garnish with cilantro.
    I usually use habaneros for their heat, but jalapenos give a nice flavour as well.
    (spices) can be skipped. If I have, I add turmeric, jeera powder, garam masala powder. But in most cases, I skip them completely.
    I usually cook this when I can’t spend much time cooking. From start to finish it takes no more than 15min and tastes really good with rice or tortillas.
    Cheers from Finland 🙂

    1. As this is a thread about Americanised recipes I just thought I would point out for any Americans here (and probably most Westerners in general) that jeera is what we know as cumin.

  2. Tortillas instead of chapatis. (Don’t we all do that, though?) Canned, diced tomatoes or tomato sauce instead of fresh tomatoes for tamota per eeda or kolmi no patio. A mix of pre-shredded coconut and canned coconut milk in my curry. Blender for my dal instead of mushing it. Ground cayenne instead of actual peppers (that one’s actually because my mother can’t have the pepper seeds). Sometimes I use dried onions instead of chopped onions. I leave the pumpkin out of my dhansak.

    I’m really lazy, okay?

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