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What to eat in Denmark? Best Danish food & cuisine


1. Smørrebrød Smørrebrød usually consists of a piece of buttered rye bread (rugbrød), a dense, dark brown bread. Pålæg (literally "on-lay"), the topping, that among others can refer to commercial or homemade cold cuts, pieces of meat or fish, cheese or spreads. This daily practice is the base of the famous

Tips for dosa?

Short: what's your preferred Dosa flour? Ratio of rice to black gram? Should wheat be in there? Any premixed flours you recommend, or should you mix your own, or even grind your own? What's up with sour curd? Long: My family has been cooking and eating quite a bit of dosa

Tomato Ki Chutney

Does anyone have a traditional Pakistani recipe for the above please? I think I might have all the ingredients in. Just want to check with someone who makes it regularly. Thanks! It's one of my childhood favourites.

Easy Lunches

I've been eating out for lunch too often, so I've decided to start making something to reheat at work. Any advice for easy, healthy make-ahead lunches?

47 Things You Must Eat or Drink in India

Tandoori Chicken

India is a big country full of spice in life and cuisine. From it’s gorgeous landmarks like the famed Taj Mahal to its regions of uniquely spiced dishes, India is an incredible place. The richness of the history and varied landscape tend to shine through in the dishes here. Every

33 Things You Must Eat in China

sweet and sour pork

Everyone has a favorite neighborhood Chinese restaurant. Sometimes that wonton soup can be downright comforting. And that shrimp with lobster sauce and beef with broccoli is always great on nights when you want takeout. But when you go to China, you’re not going to find those dishes there. In fact,