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Help me identify this dosa

So, my mother used to make this dosa for breakfast, that we only referred to as "wheat dosa". I would eat them as is, all day. It was yellow in colour, with onions, tomatoes and green chillies in it. It tasted mostly sweet with a little savoury. Texture wise it

Golgappa / paani puri addiction

My cousin and I were always discouraged from eating anything prepared outside the house (she's Delhi born, I'm a part-timer from Canada). After work, we could never help it and would stop for plate after plate, no matter how sketchy it seemed. Somehow the risk made it taste better. Can

I’m having a hard time with fenugreek.

I have Fenugreek powder, and every time I use more than just a tiny pinch it totally overpowers my curry. Should I be using methi leaves instead? The only dish I've had success with using Fenugreek is my Saag Paneer; and even then it was pushing it with the Fenugreek

What spices you use from where?

One of the things I've noticed is some spices are definitely not in regular US grocery stores, but also may be rather overpriced on Amazon (due to built in ship cost for prime), with potentially questionable quality. What I'm curious about is: What are your core spices? How are they prepared? (Roasted, whole,