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Can we talk about yoghurt?

Interested to hear peoples thoughts on this subject. Greek? Tart or not tart? Pot set? Do you use different types in curries, compared with, say riata (Raw)?

10 thoughts on “Can we talk about yoghurt?

    1. I have never made my own yoghurt, and have had a hard time finding appropriate types to cook with. Would you be willing to share how you make yours?

  1. I use Desi (Indian) yoghurt from our Indian grocery. It is beautifully set, unlike other yoghurts, thick and creamy. Use Greek yoghurt, perhaps drained a little, if you can’t get any brand of Desi yoghurt.

    1. Ok you have convinced me to try Desi dahi. Problem is we consume a lot and I like to control/source the milk organic/grass fed/local/etc. ( I make one gallon a week)

      Also I like my dahi thick and tangy – my kids won’t eat anything else.

    2. I noticed the yoghurt they sell at the local indian grocer is a _lot_ less sour than most greek yoghurts. Very mild. Maybe even a tiny bit sweet. I like it for riata.

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