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Uses for Amchoor powder

I bought some Amchoor powder (mango powder) online after seeing it in a recipe here but I lost the link and can't remember what the recipe was now. I saw someone more recently say it's bitter and that it's not that commonly used. I expected it to be sweet and

Nigella seeds: Am I on a snipe hunt for spices?

I have several recipes that call for nigella seeds. I also have several well-stocked Indian grocery stores near me. This week, I've been to three of them and haven't been able to find nigella seeds. In two of the stores, I got the whole staff involved in the hunt. I had

Which spices do I need to toss and replace?

I've been growing my dabba for 15 years, now I have two baskets of bags of bulk spices that I use regularly but not heavily. Special items like mace, saffron, blk cardamom etc are expensive but maybe they also fade and need replacing. Then there are

Italian Stewed Lentils

Hi all! I visited Rome in 2015 and ate at this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant which seemed very authentic with it's classic older Italian lady running both back and front of house wielding a rolling pin! Anyways, a group of us ate there and had a 5 or 6 course meal.