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any dishes that taste like butter chicken but are vegetarian?

Hi all,

Firstly I’m no noob to Indian food, I enjoy a variety of dishes (I know butter chicken is the classic white people choice :P). I always liked butter chicken, but am now moving towards a vegetarian diet. That leaves me with plenty of options, but I am yet to encounter anything with a similar taste to this dish.

So I am looking for anything that tastes similar (in terms of overall flavor, obviously chicken can’t be replicated). Could be a different dish, or something non-traditional with a replacement for the chicken. I suppose paneer or even a hard tofu might be the best replacement for a satisfying texture. Thanks

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    1. *When I became vegetarian, I*

      *switched to dals! Dal makhani tastes similar*

      *if not better, try it!*


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    2. I guess that is something I might be interested to try, always good to broaden the range of dals 🙂 But the dal texture isn’t really what I’m going for here. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  1. I have made butter chicken using turnip and swede as a replacement for the chicken and it was delicious. I think swede is sometime called rutabaga.

  2. I often cook my sauces separately to the chicken, if I’m making chicken tikka in a tomato/cream sauce for example.

    For a veggie version I’d just make the sauce and throw in a load of veg at some point – potatoes, green beans, carrots, chick peas, lentils…

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