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10 Best Foods That Will Help To Weight Loss

Weight loss heavily depends on the diet and the amount of calories being burnt. One must burn more calories than the intake to lose weight. Certain foods must be included in the diet as they can keep the human body energetic for longer durations and prevent them from eating multiple times. Some may also increase the rate of metabolism in the body.

Various foods have different rates of metabolism in the body. The following are the best weight loss foods according to science which have a different effect on the hormones, hunger and the number of calories burnt by an individual than the traditional foods.

Eggs have high protein, fat and other necessary nutrients. Although the intake of a large number of eggs causes a rise in cholesterol levels in many, they are crucial for a calorie-restricted diet. Those having eggs for breakfast tend to eat less for the rest of the day and help in weight loss.

They include the likes of spinach, chards, kales, among others. They are low in calories and carbohydrates but rich in fibre, making them ideal weight loss foods. They also have high vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which help in burning fat more. Thus a bowl of leafy vegetables will not only relieve the hunger but also help in reducing the weight.

Salmon fish is a very healthy food, which keeps humans full for lengthy intervals without causing high-calorie intakes. Salmon is rich in protein, fat and essential nutrients. 

They also supply iodine which is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid and maintaining rates of metabolism. The fatty acids present help in reducing inflammation, thus reducing obesity. Besides this, we would recommend to read to know more about it. 

These include the likes of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, among others. They are extremely rich in fibre and proteins when compared to other vegetables. They are very nutritious and instrumental in fighting against diseases like cancer. 

The mixture of protein, low energy density and fibre makes these vegetables important to be included in the diet.Beef or chicken breast:

Many doctors, over the years, have declared meat responsible for various health issues. Although the processed meat is unhealthy, unprocessed meat is not harmful to heart-related illnesses.

Meat is very rich in protein and hence a weight-loss food. Proteins are widely regarded as the most filling nutrient and a protein-rich diet can provoke humans to spend more calories every day. Those having low carbohydrate meals should have fatty meats while those on medium carbohydrate diets could go for lean meats.

Potatoes contain a wide range of nutrients and must be included in the diet. They are rich in potassium which helps in maintaining blood pressure. They also contain starch, which helps in loss of weight.

Tuna is another kind of fish which is low in fat, low in calories but high in protein. It is the best food to have if one wants high protein with low fat and calories. Tuna is hugely famous among models and bodybuilders. For increased intake of protein, one should opt for canned tuna in water instead of oil.

Beans, along with other legumes like lentils, kidney beans and black beans are instrumental in weight loss. They are rich in protein and fibre, and also possess starch. They should be well cooked as many fail to tolerate undercooked legumes. 

Diets containing foods which have low energy density make people intake a lesser amount of calories. Foods with low energy density usually include water, fruits and vegetables. 

Soups are enjoyed by most of the people. Solid food can be turned into soup by simply adding a bit of water to it and this increases the intake of calories significantly for the entire day. But one should be aware to not add excess fat in the soup in the form of cream or coconut milk as it increases the calorie intake. 

Dairy products are well-known for their high protein content. Cottage cheese is one such dairy product which contains significantly less carbohydrates and fat but is rich in protein. 

They are rich in calcium which reduces fat and is quite filling with less amount of calorie intake. Some other dairy products can also be opted for which are rich in protein like yoghurt.


There are several weight loss foods which are considered as healthy and must be included in the diet. Foods like fish, meat, fruits, seeds, vegetables, legumes, processed foods like yoghurt, olive oil and oats are very fruitful in reducing weight.

Thus if one can manage their diet with proper nutrition besides exercise every day, one can reduce weight effectively and lead a happy and healthy life.

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