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10 Easy, Tasty Camping Food Ideas

When you’re camping the last thing you need is to spend hours over a tiny little portable stove cooking something complicated. After a long day outside, all you want to do is cosy up against the campfire. We also know that when travelling you want to bring as little as possible and restrict the number of messy, perishable items you have. Here are 10 easy and delicious camping food ideas that you can make on your next camping trip:

Pancakes are a classic holiday breakfast food item, with there being nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly made pancakes. The boys at Sortedfood have created a pancake recipe which is made completely of dry ingredients, except for water (which is way easier to store than milk) and an egg. Check out the recipe here.

A great option if you’re short on time in the mornings or will be travelling all day, this breakfast burrito can be made ahead of time and cooked whenever you’re ready. The recipe calls for sausage (which is one of the easier proteins to handle and store when away), but feel free to mix the up the fillings to whatever you decide and can be bothered making. Check out the recipe here.

Carb load with this simple recipe. Feel free to leave them plain and eat them after you’ve steamed them, but you can add cheese, tuna, tomatoes, avocados on top for a healthy and carb-loaded lunch which will keep you going for the rest of the day. Read the recipe here.

Sortedfood has impressed again with this simple and quick orzo recipe. All done in one pot without the need to precook the pasta, this dairy-free option while requiring more time to eat than it did to make. A great vegan option if you can find vegan orzo, otherwise remove the salami to make it vegetarian! See the recipe here.

Call the Mexicans because we have the ultimate campfire quesadilla recipe. In order to make this recipe more filling, you will need to pre-cook your protein or veggies in order to make this a quick fix meal – but either way, this recipe is super simple and is bound to earn you brownie points with your camp buds. Check out the recipe here.

Enjoy nachos like you never have before with this camping food idea. Easily make a tomato salsa and guac with little effort, then add in a protein (if you want to) and beans into the chip packet. Mix it around with a spoon and watch your plain chip packet turn into a beautiful mess of Mexican delight.

Eat corned beef like never before with this easy breakfast hash recipe. The use of tinned potatoes and corned beef makes this a super simple recipe with no need for refrigeration. Added spice and herbs will give this dish a kick and new life. See the recipe here.

An oldie but a goodie, a toastie never fails to comfort anyone. Simply place your fillings (we recommend cheese, ham and tomato or PB&J) between two slices of buttered bread (for an easier option try clarified butter), wrap the sandwich in foil and place it in the embers for a couple of minutes. Et voila!

Tinned soup is a classic campfire dish, however, it can also get boring very, very easily. Added ingredients like croutons, veggies, beans or even rice can make the soup way more filling and satisfying as a meal.

A simple dessert recipe, this delicious cake requires an orange and some pre-made cake mix. Simply chop off the top of the orange and hollow it out, pour in your chocolate cake mix and wrap the entire orange in foil before placing it in the embers of the flame. Visit the proper recipe here.

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