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10 Tips for Making Better Coffee at Home

For many Americans, their day doesn’t start until they have had had a cup of coffee. But making better coffee is not an easy task. If you hold the same view about coffee and you desire to have a great day, follow these 10 easy tips to help you brew a better cup of coffee.

1. Use a clean coffee maker. 

Clean equipment makes the best tasting brew. Properly clean your carafe so that the previous morning’s coffee does not remain. Also check again to make sure that there are no coffee grounds in the basket. Leftover grounds always ruin a pot of coffee the most. 

2.  Buy a quality coffee machine – if necessary

A quality coffee machine is where it all starts. True coffee lovers spend a good amount of money on their brewing equipment. 

Even though you need to spend a bit of money to make better coffee, you don’t need to spend too much on a professional coffee maker. You could also check these models out as alternatives.

Make sure you read reviews to help you find the right machine for your needs and budget. Due to the high demand for coffee by Americans, a vast range of new machines have been manufactured, not forgetting the old ones who are still doing well.

3. Grind your own beans

Apart from having a coffee brewing machine, you also need to have a bean grinder. It is common knowledge amongst coffee lovers that the best tasting coffee comes from freshly ground beans.

If you’re too busy to grind your own beans, then another option to enjoy coffee at home is using coffee bags. Coffee bags are made of biodegradable materials, and they create a smooth coffee blend. You don’t have to settle for instant coffee because you can enjoy, say, Colombian coffee blend in coffee bags.

In addition, you can enjoy a cup of great coffee using less equipment anytime, anywhere. Just add hot water and allow the coffee bag to infuse for a few minutes. You can buy coffee bags online from a reputable manufacturer.

4. Buy the right beans

A local micro-roaster sells specialty beans which you can buy. With some experimentation, you can develop some pretty flavorful combinations even if you purchase beans from your local supermarket. Or, you could try organic beans which are becoming more and more popular these days.

For the best flavor, ensure your beans are stored in an airtight container. You can buy a grinder to allow you experiment with different blends of beans.

5. Store your beans in a canister

Using fresh coffee is an important factor when it comes to making a delicious and high quality coffee.

That’s why in order to keep your coffee beans fresh and shield them against sunlight, you should try dark colored glass or ceramic canisters.

Also, avoid freezing as it could affect the taste of coffee as a result of moisture absorption.

6. Use proper water

Ensure the carafe is filled with fresh, cold water and also fill up the drip reservoir. Be careful to stop just before the reservoir is completely full. 

Overfilling could affect the performance of your coffee maker; it can also make for a weaker brew. After you pour, clean up to ensure there is no excess water on any part of the machine. 

7. Use the right amount of coffee

If your coffee machine calls for it, insert one liner, and then use 10 cups of coffee for 5 mounded scoops. Change your scoops as you reduce the number of cups i.e. one scoop for every two cups. As you keep experimenting with coffee making, you can also adjust the quantity of coffee to suit your personal taste.

8. Use a coffee scale

Although many coffee lovers are comfortable with measuring their coffee with spoons – or scoops for that matter – but many experts recommend using a scale for better measurements, hence better quality drinks.

So, next time you want to make a perfect cup at your home, why not use an inexpensive scale, which could easily be found at popular retailers around the net, in order to accurately measure your beans?

9. Keep the coffee cups warm

You are ready to brew once the water and the grounds have been added. Put the carafe below the drip feed and turn on the machine. To prepare, rinse your coffee cups under hot water to keep it warm. 

If the cups are left cold, the temperature of the coffee will reduce before you begin to enjoy it. Gather coffee creamer, milk, or sweeteners to prepare you to enjoy your perfect cup of coffee when the brewing is completed.

10. Steam your milk

Many people would love to serve their caffeine beverages with milk. If you’re one of those people you should certainly consider steaming your milk as this could result in a better quality coffee.

For many, an electric milk frother could be an option, if buying extra coffee equipment doesn’t bother you much.

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