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4 Foods and Drinks That Benefit the Health of Your Teeth

There are all kinds of reasons you reach for a particular food to eat. It could be that you like the taste, texture, or combination of flavours. Maybe it is to give you a burst of energy or just to try something new and fun. But did you know there are specific foods you can eat that will benefit the health of your teeth and gums? That’s right, some foods offer teeth-cleaning benefits. And it’s not just food; there are also specific beverages that should be added to your rotation for the same reasons.

Let’s take a look at some of the foods and drinks that benefit the health of your teeth.

Crunchy Vegetables Act Like a Teeth Brushing

The first on the list of healthy foods is crunchy vegetables. This can include things like celery and carrots. Yes, they are loaded with vitamins and minerals but while you’re busy crunching them you are working to scrub your teeth, removing the bacteria and food particles. Celery features a fibrous texture, which can almost mimic dental floss. Keep in mind you need to eat them fresh, not cooked, so they maintain their crunch.

Crunchy fresh greens also offer the same benefits, such as kale, lettuce, and spinach.

Pears and Apples Are More Than Just a Tasty Snack

Wanting a sweet snack? You may want to reach for a fresh pear or apple that each offers crunch and the bonus of increasing your saliva production. Pears have a special quality in that they neutralise acid naturally found in your mouth, which can lead to cavities if it builds up.

Replace Potato Chips with Nuts for the Crunch You Crave

Maybe you don’t have a sweet tooth; rather, it is the crunchy salty snacks you crave. Rather than potato chips that build up on the surface of your teeth, opt for crunchy nuts. A good one is almonds, which are packed full of health benefits and will require plenty of crunching.

Feeling Thirsty – Reach for Water

If you were to list one beverage that is an all-around winner in every sense, it’s got to be water. You don’t have to worry about calories, sugar, or fat content, it does an excellent job hydrating your body, and in terms of your teeth and gums, water with fluoride in it acts as a cavity fighter. When you take a sip of water, you’re also washing away food particles that can be trapped in your teeth.

Keep Up with Regular Dentist Visits

And while each of these foods offers a health benefit to your teeth, it doesn’t replace going to the dentist. To maintain a healthy smile, both teeth and gums, you’ll need to keep up with regular dentist visits and preventative hygiene. You can visit a dental clinic like this one, for hygiene services, tooth whitening, and more. Visiting the dentist regularly means they can also spot any potential issues before they become big problems.

Fill Up on Healthy Choices

The next time you reach for something to eat or drink, you may want to consider how it is benefiting your teeth and gum health.

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