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5 Coffee Orders to Try if You’re Tired of Your Usual Drinks

Like many people, your day just doesn’t start off right unless you have a great cup of coffee. While you of course drink coffee at home, there’s nothing better than heading to your local coffee shop for something extra special. But if you’re starting to grow tired of the same old thing day after day, don’t worry. By trying any or all of the following five coffee orders, you’ll once again find yourself loving each and every sip.

Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte

When Fall rolls around and you’re in the mood for a different kind of coffee order, don’t hesitate to try a Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte. Along with the fantastic pumpkin flavor, this coffee order also has the right amount of sugar and spice to make any morning better. If you aren’t willing to pay a higher price for this specialty latte, it isn’t too difficult to make on your own at home. You’ll need to have the spices on hand already, but once you have the spice base made, you can make this latte every morning in October if you’d like.

Iced London Fog

Gaining in popularity over the years, iced coffee drinks are always a great treat. If you agree and are looking for something new and mysterious, order the Iced London Fog. Very creamy, you’ll immediately notice the taste of lavender and vanilla. A smooth iced coffee, it will be a great choice to ease you into your day or let you relax after you’re done at the office. An Iced London Fog is also the perfect way to start a relaxed weekend morning where you want to sip your coffee and enjoy every taste.

Blended Coffees

If you happen to stop by a local coffee shop, like Gravity Coffee Company, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t try one of the many blended coffee combinations. Once you start looking at the menu, you’ll realize that you can not only get your coffee fix, but also satisfy your sweet tooth as well. Most coffee shops and cafes offer unique, special seasonal flavors that are custom to that area. Whether you choose a coffee combo that includes Snickers, Milky Way, or even caramel or white chocolate, one sip will make you convert to sweeter coffee orders for life.

Miel Latte

Miel, which is the French word for honey, makes this coffee order one for the ages. While you’ll still get the sweetness you want from your drink, you’ll be able to skip the sugar-based syrups you may have been consuming too much of lately. Honey and coffee may sound like two flavors that could contrast too much or even overwhelm each other, but in the right ratio they work perfectly. Combining espresso, cinnamon, honey, and either traditional or almond milk, it’s a delicious combination you won’t be able to resist.


Yes, you can actually have a great coffee drink that doesn’t include milk. The Americano is believed to have its origins from World War II when American soldiers in Italy would order espresso but need it a little diluted. Once you have an Americano that has only espresso and water as its ingredients, you’ll look at coffee in a whole new light. Since the water strengthens the espresso, you’ll get that jolt you need to get started with your day.

While it may be hard to decide which of these you want to try, you’ll soon realize that each of these choices will be anything but your usual drink. Give one of these coffee orders a try next time you’re looking for something different to mix up your routine.

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