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5 Effective Ways To Reduce Sugar Intake Gradually

Sugar is sweet, but it also has adverse effects on health if taken in high amounts over a long period. There are a lot of conditions that come about due to excessive sugar including diabetes, hypertension among others conditions. This is why limiting the amount of sugar you take has a lot of impact on your overall well-being. Many dental issues are also caused by high sugar intake. If you require dental treatment, we recommend checking out this cosmetic dentist In Cordova. Frankly, cutting down on sugar intake is relatively easy on paper, but it can be challenging practically. Well, we have listed down a couple of starting points to help you tone down on your intake:

Avoid sugary drinks

Soda and other drinks of this kind, including energy and sports drinks, contain high amounts of sugar. To make it worse, they tend to be absorbed faster into the body. These drinks will raise your blood sugar levels yet they don’t make you feel full. Even most of the juices in the market tend to contain a high amount of sugar. In other words, you ought to take them in moderation. You can go for beverages like water, tea or coffee as a way to reduce your intake of carbonated drinks. If you must take soda, diet soda is a better alternative. 

Starting eating less

The process of quitting is never easy, so cutting down on some things can go a long way in eventually stopping altogether. Taking half a slice of the cake or the sweet bread will ultimately lead to you cutting it out entirely, which is the aim here. Also, you can reduce the number of sugary things around the house and sugar in recipes. If recipes call for a full cup, use half a cup.

Go for alternative sweeteners

You don’t have to rely on sugar as a sweetener as you prepare your meals and drinks. There are other alternative sweeteners you can use, You can go for a zero calorie sweetener to replace sugar as you bake or do homemade drinks. Ensure you go only for certified healthy sweeteners in the market.

Eat more fruits

Fruits have healthy sugar, which can come in handy as a healthy alternative to most of the daily points where we encounter sugar. You can add fruit to cereal instead of sugar, have fruits for dessert, among other options. You will also get lots of vitamins and nutrients from fruits. They are good for reducing weight, controlling blood pressure and cholesterol.

Start Reading Food labels

You might not know this but you also get sugar from the food you take throughout the day. Some canned food, ketchup, and even milk sometimes have added sugar which is often disclosed in the labels. You should start reading the labels to find more about what is in the food you buy. This way, you can be conscious of the amount of sugar you take in daily. These sugars are in ingredients such as maltose, dextrose, and others which add up to more than 50, which you can look out for on the labels.

Wrapping up

Sugar is good for your body but less of it is more healthy and good for your wellbeing.  You should start being sugar conscious by watching what you eat.

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