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5 Ingredients That Will Elevate Your Family BBQs This Summer

Summer BBQs are an American staple and beloved family tradition. As you prepare to fire up the grill this summer, you undoubtedly have all the essentials on your grocery list: burgers, ribs, steak, barbecue sauce, and plenty of condiments. While you certainly don’t want to skimp on the BBQ basics, you can kick things up a notch this summer by throwing these five mouth-watering ingredients into the mix.


This ultra-smooth, creamy sauce hails from the Mediterranean and can serve as an excellent sauce on burgers. With a look and texture similar to mayo, one scoop of this on your bun will infuse every bite with a tangy, garlic taste. Aioli can be whipped up at home using garlic paste, olive oil, and some salt.

Artisan Bread

The secret ingredient to a good burger isn’t necessarily in the meat at all. The type of bread you serve your burger on will make all the difference. Choose some hand-made or fresh-baked kaiser buns to hold your masterpiece together.

Fresh Seasonings

The pre-made marinades you get from the supermarket won’t hold a candle to your own rubs. It’s time to buy some high-quality herbs and spices that you can use to maximize the flavor and natural essence of your meats. To start your collection, make sure you have the following:

Look up some grilling rub recipes to get started, but don’t be afraid to experiment and craft your own concoctions.


Honey is the perfect way to compliment a savory meal with a little sweetness. You can mix fresh honey into your own smoky barbecue sauce, or you can incorporate some granulated honey into your rubs. Honey is especially exquisite on pork ribs, so give it a try the next time you’re throwing some on the grill. It may surprise you how much more potent the taste can be when you add it yourself instead of going for a store-bought bottle of honey BBQ sauce.

Fresh-Squeezed Juices

Ready to take your grilling to a professional level? Start infusing your meat with juice. When you inject meat before smoking or barbecuing, the final result will be packed with flavor and moisture. Juice is just one of many infusion options, but consider orange, pineapple, or apple to give your meat a succulent punch.

These ingredients are bound to become staples. Prepare for an epic summer of unforgettable BBQ by adding some of these ingredients to your trusty recipes.

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