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5 Things You Didn’t Know Honey Is Needed For

Raw honey possesses numerous health benefits, and you might not be aware of some of them. Humans have a long relationship with honey that crosses cultures and borders across history. Below are some of the things that you did not know honey is needed for:

It Relieves Coughs

According to WHO (World Health Organization), honey can relieve the irritation you feel in your mouth since it usually forms a protective film. Honey is also used as an ingredient during the manufacture of OTC (over the counter) medication to cure coughs. Some of this medication is also used by people who are experiencing sleeping difficulties because of respiratory infections. Honey can be a very accessible way to relieve your cough symptoms.

Improving Your Scalp

When you dilute honey with some warm water, it will help with scalp conditions that usually cause itching and dandruff. It is reported that when some people applied the solution daily for four weeks they received some benefits. For instance, scaling will decrease, and the itching will get less intense or go away. Skin lesions may also heal and disappear eventually. 

Honey Treats Wounds

Honey can help to fight infections. If you have a severe skin infection, honey will come in handy since it has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Also, honey contains antioxidants. In the U.S., medics use Manuka honey to treat burns and wounds. 

Manuka honey is made using the pollen present on the flowers of the Manuka plant (it is medicinal). Some clinical trials have been conducted, and honey can effectively eradicate over 250 bacteria strains. A comparison was conducted, and the results suggested that Manuka honey has antimicrobial properties. The specific substance that gives the honey antibacterial properties is yet to be discovered.

Through a particular enzymatic process, honey can also release hydrogen peroxide. Manuka honey contains something else, which is why it is more effective than other types of honey when it comes to killing bacteria. According to some research that has been conducted over the years, unprocessed honey has proven to be effective when it comes to healing ulcers and wounds. 

Helps to Boost Your Energy

For you to have enough energy, you should have a healthy diet and enough sleep. If you want to boost your energy fast, for instance, before working out, honey will come in handy. Athletes can attest to how effective honey is since it provides a considerable amount of energy for a prolonged duration.

Helps to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Locally produced honey is made using pollen grains from the local plants, which means the allergens introduced into the system will be in small amounts. In theory, your natural immunity will improve over time. It is recommended that you take a teaspoon full of honey that is locally produced for a few months before the pollen season. Your system will then build up its immunity eventually.

Such an approach can only work if the pollen is derived from the local plants you may be allergic to. Honey that is from different parts of the nation won’t be effective in alleviating allergy symptoms.

Some of the reasons why bees are important include:

They Pollinate Food Crops

As the bees look for pollen, they initiate the fertilization process in plants. Thanks to bees, we can get to enjoy food crops such as lemons and apples. If the bees disappeared, pollination would be close to impossible. 

They Produce Honey

The bees usually carry the nectar they have collected to the hive. The nectar then mixes with the saliva from the bees to produce honey. Only bees can produce honey. As per the research conducted over the years, honey has numerous health benefits. For instance, it can prevent heart diseases and cancer.

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