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6 Best Cannabis Edibles For Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are widespread problems these days, and apart from damaging our overall health, they can also take quite a toll on our careers and social life. For some people, anxiety is so problematic that they need to use anti-anxiety medications to function normally.

These pharmaceutical pills can have many side effects, and though they may be effective temporarily, they can’t be used as a long-term solution. Still, people with anxiety disorder do need something to help them calm down sometimes; That’s where natural anxiety counters like cannabis come in.

Cannabis is a prevalent drug, and though it is more popular because of its recreational effects, cannabis has many medical benefits as well. One of the most prominent medical advantages of cannabis is countering stress and anxiety. 

However, smoking cannabis for its medicinal effects might not be the best idea, because even though it isn’t as dangerous as tobacco smoke, cannabis smoke can still contain some harmful carcinogens. Therefore, today I am going to tell you about six excellent cannabis edibles that you can use to counter anxiety attacks. 

Kush CBD Gummies: 

Gummies are one of the most common commercially available cannabis edibles. Moreover, these gummies are prepared using concentrates, which allows the CBD and THC content to be controlled. Out of these two significant cannabinoids, CBD is known for most of the medical benefits of cannabis, whereas THC gives most of the recreational effects. 

If you are looking for an edible to counter anxiety, without feeling too much euphoria specifically, Kush CBD gummies are a great idea. These incredible edibles will lower your anxiety while keeping you active and able to go about your day, usually.

Edible CBD Assorted Pucks

This is a fantastic product made by CannaPunch, which is a company better known for its delicious cannabis-infused beverages. These delightful candies are loaded with CBD, and they are perfect for fighting anxiety. 

The CBD to THC ratio of these edibles is (20:1), which makes them ideal for use during the day. They can provide very effective relief from stress and anxiety disorder without having any noticeable psychoactive effects. 


Cannabutter is one of my favorite cannabis edibles because of its versatility. You can use cannabutter to make almost any recipe; however, I mostly use it to make some delicious cannabis-infused chocolate chip cookies at home. 

Cannabutter is made with the user in mind; it can have both THC and CBD; however, you can also get it with only CBD. You will get the anti-anxiety benefits either way, but if you are trying to avoid a high, you should go for CBD Cannabutter. 

Cannabis brownies:

Cannabis brownies are one of the classic and most commonly made cannabis edibles. You can buy them at cannabis dispensaries and make them at home as well, and they are available in a wide variety of THC and CBD ratios. 

I like to bake cannabis brownies at home, as it allows me to control the amount of cannabis and other flavors as well. If you are making cannabis brownies at home, you need to be aware of the difference between Indica vs Sativa cannabis strains. 

Most of the time, indica strains are THC dominant, and they have strong psychoactive effects, along with anti-anxiety effects. In contrast, Sativa strains are less psychoactive, and they tend to have a higher content of CBD. 

Sativa strains can also make you more energetic; therefore, if you want to use cannabis only for countering anxiety, you should use some high CBD sativa strains to make your brownies. 

Cannabis-infused chocolate:

Cannabis-infused chocolate is very beneficial for people who are trying to fight anxiety. Cannabis does reduce anxiety, but chocolate on its own can also be quite helpful. 

Studies have shown that dark chocolate can be useful in countering anxiety because of the availability of antioxidants and its ability to increase the amount of serotonin released in the body.  

Therefore, get yourself some CBD chocolate from your local cannabis dispensary. 

Cannabis energy drinks:

These days there is a wide range of cannabis products available in the market, and though it isn’t technically edible, you should also check out some cannabis-infused energy drinks. There are many brands like CannaPunch that make some fantastic cannabis beverages, with controlled contents of THC and CBD. 

You can also make some beverages like cannabis-infused tea at home, you can use cannabis strains to make it, but if you want some strong anti-anxiety effects, you should try using high CBD concentrates, to make cannabis tea. 

To sum it all up, in today’s extreme environment of stress, getting anxious is very common. Anxiety can be very challenging for some people, and it can make it difficult for them to do their day to day tasks. Such people have to use anti-anxiety medications; however, their side effects can be a problem. Cannabis edibles are an excellent alternative to anti-anxiety medications, and you should try them out.

Author’s bio:Samantha is an expert when it comes to providing remedies for physical and mental well-being. However, she is fond of writing regardless of what she writes about. She believes that she can influence people and their lives with her opinion and knowledge. To read her write-ups, visit

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