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6 Essential Tips to Help You Safely Use CBD Products While Traveling

About 6.7 million American adults have anxiety. 50 million have chronic pain. This doesn’t even account for those who are constantly stressed out by work or by daily life.

Taking a vacation can help you to feel better and satisfy your wanderlust. CBD products can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety or chronic pain to ensure that you have the best adventure possible. Read on to learn how you can safely use CBD while traveling.

1. Understand What CBD Does

Most people know that CBD comes from the cannabis plant. Since this is the same plant that marijuana comes from, lots of people conflate the two. They conclude that CBD is a mind-altering substance that gets you high, but this is not the case.

CBD won’t affect you mentally. You won’t become high after taking CBD products. Instead, you’ll get the effects of physical relaxation without the mind-altering effects of THC (the part of the cannabis plant that gets you high).

Its impacts include:

You’ll feel better and have a nicer time traveling when you’re stress-free and have low pain.

2. Choose the Right CBD Products

CBD comes in many forms, including:

You can choose the ingestion method that you prefer, though tinctures and creams are generally best for travel. They’re more portable and easy to use.

Plus, when you buy the right creams, you can get other awesome effects in addition to those CBD normally gives you. Shopping from Quiet Monk CBD means that you can get high-potency and cooling CBD cream. It’s an immediate cooling balm as well as something that will give you hours-long effects.

If you’re not sure what CBD products you prefer, experiment a bit. Buy multiple types of products and see how they impact you differently. You also might want to consider whether scented vs unscented products are right for you!

3. Try Before Travel

Like all products intended for human consumption, CBD affects each person differently. Though it’s generally an extremely safe product, some people do experience side effects.

Some common ones include fatigue, drowsiness, and irritation. This can put a damper on any trip since being tired and cranky can stop you from enjoying yourself.

Other people experience dry mouth or even nausea after trying CBD, though this is rarer. Still, it’s definitely not something you won’t be surprised by while trying to explore a new place.

Make sure that you try your CBD products out before getting on the plane or in the car. Use the exact product that you plan to bring on your trip with you. Make sure that you don’t experience any weird or unpleasant side effects before taking it with you.

Remind any friends that are traveling with you to try their CBD products, too. It’s best if everyone knows exactly how it’ll affect them. 

4. Follow TSA Rules for Transit

In the US, CBD is 100% legal to use. This is great news for domestic travelers!

However, it is illegal in some other countries around the world including Belgium, Russia, China, Japan, and Singapore. Check where you’re going to make sure you don’t get in trouble with international authorities. Some places carry strict penalties for owning CBD oil including prison time.

Once you determine that CBD is legal where you’re going, it’s important that you know airline rules for transportation.

Standard TSA rules apply to CBD oils, tinctures, and creams. They need to be in containers of less than 3 ounces. You can also bring a CBD vape pen on a plane in your carry-on. You can’t check it.

Of course, this is irrelevant for those taking road trips throughout the US. Still, it’s good information to know for future travels.

5. Be Mindful of THC Content

Pure CBD can go on any domestic flight assuming that it adheres to regular TSA restrictions. You can also bring it across state borders when driving.

Many CBD products don’t have any THC. However, some CBD products do have a little bit of THC content, and this is a far more regulated substance.

THC is what people usually think of when they imagine weed. It gets you high.

THC is federally illegal, though the decision of whether or not to legalize it falls to individual states. Currently, 21 states, Washington DC, and Guam have legal THC. 

You cannot transport any CBD product with over 0.3% THC on any airplane. You also can’t take it into a state where it’s illegal by car. If you only plan to drive to locations with legal THC, you can drive with a closed container in your trunk.

Be mindful of the particular product you’re using and whether it contains THC. Make note of the laws in your destination. If you’re going somewhere where THC isn’t allowed, get a different product made from pure CBD to use while traveling.

6. Use CBD for Better Sleep

When traveling and exploring new places, it’s only natural that you’ll eventually get worn out. Sleep is important because it keeps you feeling great for the duration of your trip. You’ll have more energy to have new and exciting experiences.

Some people find that CBD helps them sleep better.

Some studies suggest that its relaxing effects may be conducive to better sleep. Others suggest that it may alleviate insomnia in some people but not others.

Regardless of the science, many individual users find CBD relaxing and sleep-inducing. It’s definitely something to think about.

More Tips for Traveling the Right Way

Now that you know some tips for safely using CBD during your travels, it’s time to learn more about preparing for your next adventure. Learning more about travel destinations like hiking trails and beaches is a great way to prepare for the trip of a lifetime. Check out the ‘travel blogs’ area of our homepage to learn more about how to have a great time.

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