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6 Important Reasons Why You Should Try Using MCT Oil Daily

The Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is fatty acids that are extracted mainly from coconut or palm oils that easily be converted to energy. The MCT can also come from ghee, goat’s milk, and camphor tree. The MCT oil helps us in many ways than we think, and below are just six health benefits you can enjoy for using the oil daily.

Reason #1: It reduces blood sugar

The MCT oil has terrific abilities to improve ketone body production, and naturally balance the blood sugar level in your system. Thereby improving the metabolism, cognitive functions and reduces inflammation. With just one oral dose of the MCT oil, the blood sugar level drops.

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Search explains the cause as a decrease in the liver output of glucose instead of an increase in the body’s utilization of glucose. In addition, the oil improves carbohydrate tolerance and stops the production of fatty acids in the adipose (fat tissue)

Reason #2: It reduces the risk of heart-related diseases

To reduce the chances of having atherosclerosis, strokes, and heart-related diseases, you need to imbibe the MCT oil in your diet because it has an anti-coagulation effect and positive impact on autoimmune reactions. The MCT oil increases the HDL also known as the good cholesterol and reduces the production of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) which eventually improves your heart health.

Reason #3: It improves athletic performance

The daily use of MCT oil is one of the healthiest ways to increase athletic performances or any physical exertion. The oil has a high energy density, which enables the fast rate of absorption through the digestive tract, and quick metabolic conversion into cellular energy.

Moreover, the MCT oil is a healthy form of fat athletes need to take before and after exercise, due to it fast mobilization, rebuilding muscles and preventing the risk of catabolic breakdown of proteins usually experienced after intense activity. For the best products that can help you achieve your athletic goal, visit They have a good list of products and the pros and cons review for each one.

Reason #4: MCT oil has fewer calories than regular oil

According to the Nutrition Review, the Medium Chain Triglycerides has ten percent few calories than the Long Chain Triglycerides (LCT). The MCT oil enhances metabolism and converts it to energy faster than the regular oil because it is absorbed and sent straight to the liver. Furthermore, daily usage of the MCT oil gives few calories per serving, converts it to energy immediately instead of storing them as fat, and lastly, it increases your satiety (prevent you from feeling hungry). It also acts as antioxidants and reduces tissue requirements for vitamin E.

Reason #5: It enhances weight loss

One of the many causes of weight gain is increased appetite; this is what MCT solves for you. It increases your satiety level as stated above and stops the crave for unhealthy snacks. This is how it works; the MCT oil stimulates peptide YY and leptin, which are hunger hormones.

These hormones send a signal to the brain that you do not need food. The fantastic thing about this oil is that it works physiologically (keeping you full) and psychologically (informs the brain that you are satisfied.

Reason #6: It Strengthens the Gut

Apart from weight loss, enhancement of cognitive functions, the MCT oil triggers good bacteria to grow and heals the gut linings. For instance, when you have toxins, and holes in the guts, food particles can enter the bloodstream, making you vulnerable to gastrointestinal disorder. The good news is MCT oil is a powerful antivirus, antibacterial and antifungal that helps heals and prevent the guts from such health problems.

Those are the reasons why you should use MCT oil daily. Make sure to add it to your coffee, smoothie, and salad. It wouldn’t affect the taste of your dish because it’s tasteless.

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