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6 Things to Eat in Brussels

Brussels is one of the most fascinating and versatile cities in all of Europe. The capital of Belgium is known for being welcoming, vivid, historic, and urban. Upon visiting the city, you get to enjoy stunning architecture, numerous art galleries, and beautiful sights throughout the city. However, it’s the food and drink that will sweep you off your feet and make you want some more.

When you visit Brussels, there are some things you simply have to taste. Otherwise, it’s like you’ve never been there. The list below will help you make all the right choices and experience Brussels’ best food & drink selection. 

Let’s dive in and see what you shouldn’t miss out on.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to love tasting some of the amazing waffles Brussels has to offer.

Although people often call them the “Belgian waffles”, there’s actually no such thing. There are, however, two types of waffles you’ll find in Brussels, and both are simply amazing.

You can find waffles in every part of Brussels. You’ll often see people eating waffles with nothing more than some powder sugar sprinkled on top. That’s how sweet and tasty they are.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t this the same as French fries? 

Well, if you ask the locals in Brussels, they might get mad at you. Legend says that Belgium is actually where the fries originated from and that they were the inspiration for what we call the French fries today.

Whoever you want to believe, you have to have at least several serving while visiting Brussels. 

Belgian fries are the perfect combination of everything you like about your fries:

You’ll get them at any corner, served in paper cones.

source: Pixabay 

If we’d have to pick one typical, national dish of Belgium, it would be Moules-Frites. It’s mussels served with fries and it’s something you absolutely have to taste on your visit to Brussels.

There are different recipes and variations of this dish. The mussels are steamed and cooked in broths of all kinds. 

Many people enjoy the ones cooked in white wine, but you’re free to try whatever suits your taste. Combine them with broth, sauces, and tastes such as:

Find your personal favorite and go for it. You’ll be amazed by this Brussels special meal.

 Belgium is known for its special artistic craft of making chocolate pralines and other chocolate goods. They’ve perfected the art of making chocolate and are proudly showcasing it in all regions of their country.

In Brussels, you’ll find numerous chocolate shops with luxurious storefronts with arranged chocolate products you’ll instantly crave for.

Make sure that you:

Don’t be hesitant to wait in line to buy special Belgian chocolate pralines. Brussels will take you on a crazy chocolate-tasting ride, so just sit back and enjoy it.

source: Pixabay 

Although it’s not exactly food, Belgian beer simply needs to be on this list. Did you know that beer is on Belgium’s UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list? 

With more than 1.500 types of beer produced in this country, you’ll find something that you’ll adore.

Brussels and beer are inseparable and you’ve got to try out the beer of their local breweries.

Even if you’re not a beer lover, you definitely need to give Belgian beer a chance. You’ll discover so many new flavors and types of beer that your whole perspective will change.

So, make sure that you go to some of the best Brussels’ breweries and try out:

Let loose and taste until you find your favorite. Then, enjoy it for the rest of your stay in Brussels, combining it with some of their finest meals and dishes.

Another Belgium favorite, meatballs should be among your top picks for exploring food in Brussels.

In Belgium, the meatball is usually a mixture of beef and pork, and it’s served with the classic Belgium version of mashed potatoes.

They can be prepared in a classic tomato sauce, but you’ll find many other versions throughout restaurants and food bars in Brussels. Even though a meatball might sound humble to you, Brussels might just surprise you with:

Ask the waiter to recommend to you their specialty gravy and you’ll be surprised to see how much it will change your perspective on eating a dish of meatballs.

Brussels is full of surprises and this might just be one of them.


After reading our list of 6 things you have to try in Brussels, you’re probably wondering whether you’ll have enough time left to tour the city. Don’t worry, you’ll find food on any corner of this magical city, and you’ll be able to combine it with sightseeing.

If you find this experience worth sharing, write about it and let others know about the amazing time you’ve had. Check out this reviews page if you need a hand with writing.

Don’t miss out on any of the fantastic foods you0ll find in Brussels and make sure you thick each of the 6 boxes we’ve assigned you.

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