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7 Common Health Issues Faced by Students

Students often face extreme learning pressure. Moreover, many learners need to combine studying and working to earn a living. Chronic stress, lack of sleep, and bad eating habits might cause various health issues for many of them. In this post, you will find a list of the most common diseases crowds of students are often diagnosed with. 


Many learners suffer from mental issues. Depression is one of the serious conditions that usually require medical help. But why do young and healthy people suffer from depression? The reasons for facing depression might vary.

First, students face the necessity to complete dozens of academic papers and remember loads of different types of information. However, not all learners have excellent writing skills or can boast of having a fantastic memory. As a result, many of them feel desperate with a huge number of academic assignments they need to complete. If you feel helpless or fail to believe in yourself, you are halfway to depression.

The good news is that many students can say no to depression if they have more time to rest and meditate. But how do you abstract from the academic routine quickly? Well, you should find a reliable writing service and delegate your assignments. But do not forget that you should first learn more about such companies before you start paying for your papers. Start by reading essaypro reviews to know about all the options and extra features beforehand.

Food Poisoning 

Many learners are incredibly busy individuals. As a result, they don’t have enough time for cooking and doing culinary experiments. Students often eat on the fly, buying food in the local cafes and eateries they come across. However, in many cases, this might be food of low quality. 

Food poisoning is the number two health issue for many students. To avoid this condition, it is better to buy food only at reputable cafes and restaurants or cook simple dishes by yourself. This will significantly decrease the risks of food poisoning and help you maintain your health and overall well-being. Make sure to have a balanced diet, and don’t forget about fruits and veggies.

Not to mention, always store your products in the fridge and avoid consuming expired ones (even in case they have a pleasant look and odor.) 

Common Cold

You can hardly find a person who has never caught a cold. Students are not an exception to this rule. Although it is not possible to eliminate the risks of catching a cold, you can still do your best to prevent it. First, it is crucial to consume enough vitamins and minerals. Second, it is essential to have enough sleep and have a rest. Third, avoid visiting too many crowded places during cold seasons. These simple rules will help you significantly decrease the chances of catching a cold.


Humanity has been trying to fight this serious disease for years. However, new versions of viruses appear from time to time, leading to new causes all over the world. Protecting yourself from this disease is relatively easy. According to the data of countless scientists, vaccination is the best solution for these purposes. Moreover, wearing masks and traditional social distancing is also very effective. 

Strep Throat 

Strep throat is caused by bacteria. The infection spreads through the air and remains to be incredibly contagious. Consequently, it is very difficult to avoid it if you have contact with an infected person. The most common signs of this disease are severe sore throat, swallowing pain, high fever, and lymph nodes. To avoid this health issue, it is better not to visit crowded places during the epidemic of strep throat. 


During the COVID pandemic, many people forget about influenza. Unfortunately, this disease hasn’t disappeared yet and is still a common one, especially during the cold seasons. If you suffer from a high temperature, terrible headache, muscular aches, and other symptoms, it might be a good idea to take not only COVID but an influenza test, too. 

Moreover, it is crucial to stay at home for at least one week and eliminate contact with other learners until your complete recovery. The reason is that the flu is very contagious and can spread between students at a railway speed. 


Although many people don’t pay enough attention to this condition, anxiety might often appear to be a serious health issue for many students. The fact is that chronic anxiety often causes extreme fatigue, sleep disorders, depression, and other conditions that require medical aid. It is better to find some individual ways of relaxation and reducing stress levels. This might be sports, hobbies, or hanging out with friends. 

The list of the most common health issues mentioned in this post is not complete. There are dozens of other serious diseases many learners might suffer from. 

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