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7 tips to brew perfect espresso

A perfect cup of espresso in the morning will help you ready for the day. Brewing perfect espresso is very simple and once you learn to brew perfect espresso it would be easier for you to prepare other coffee drinks as well. That’s because espresso is the base for other coffee drinks. 

Generally, espresso is prepared by forcing hot water (remember, not boiling water) and finely ground coffee. Espresso can be made in the machine and without a machine as well. 

However, you should follow some tips if you want a perfect cup of espresso. We’ve shared 7 tips for you that will help you brew the perfect espresso. 

Tips to Prepare Perfect Espresso 

Step 1 

Keep your espresso machine portafilter clean – this is very important! 

Make sure the portafilter is clean and dry before adding coffee to the portafilter. If there’s any leftover ground coffee available then this will make your espresso bitter.

Also, always preheated the portafilter, machine, and cup. 

Step 2

The second tip is – you have to dose correctly. This step is very simple – you need to push the portafilter button and the rest machine will do for you.

If you want a professional barista then you should check the dose on the scale and then distribute it into the grinder. 

Step 3

In step 3, you have to distribute the grounded coffee into the portafilter. Though the portafilter can do it for you, the distribution will be uneven as a result some part will have more while some part will have less coffee. 

To distribute the coffee, you should use a distribution tool. This also helps you get the consistency you want. 

Step 4

Now that you distribute the coffee evenly, its time you tamp evenly and consistently. You need to tamp so long and hard that the puck should feel compressed. 

Also, to avoid uneven extraction or channeling you have to puck the horizontally leveled. 

Step 5

You should keep clean the ground head to get the perfect espresso. And for this what you can do is – clean your machine every day properly. Regular cleaning makes sure that the group head is heated and you may be able to extract more coffee. 

Step 6

Once cleaning is done, add a portafilter to the group head to start brewing! Make sure you brew immediately or else the group head will burn the surface of your coffee and your espresso will be bitter. 

So right after you attach it, don’t forget to brew immediately. 

Step 7

Usually, a machine takes 20-25 seconds on average brew time. If yours is a volumetric machine the keep watch the brew time. Or some espresso machine stops working once the brewing is done. 

If yours is a manual espresso machine then you should stand right there and wait for the espresso. It will take 30 seconds maximum to brew espresso for you. 

And your espresso is ready to drink! Serve your espresso and drink immediately.

Follow these 7 tips so that you can always brew the perfect espresso. Hopefully, you understand and you can prepare the best espresso. 

As you know the tips to prepare the perfect espresso, let’s discuss some espresso recipes that you can try at home. 

NOTE: Keep in mind, to prepare espresso you will always need finely grounded coffee. And before grinding, your coffee ensures you roasted them properly. 

A perfect Espresso Shot 

If you want to pull a perfect espresso shot, here’s what you have to follow and things you will need. 


Preheat the machine, cup, and portafilter – it may take 20 to 30 minutes depending on your machine. Also, make sure you take grounded coffee and you have all this equipment. 

Or you can use a tamper for the evenly grounded coffee – generally, a tamper is a device that used for the short of grounded coffee into the espresso machine – the main purpose of the tamper is evenly packed the grounded coffee so that you get the quality shots. You should buy an espresso tamper if you don’t have one. 

Easy Espresso Recipe 



Instant Coffee Espresso 



In a coffee mug, add instant coffee and sugar. Add a few drops of water and stir it until the sugar has dissolved. Stir until it comes to a frothy mixture. 

Flat White Espresso Recipe



Espresso Frappe



Espresso Tonic



Espresso Milkshake



Viennese Spiced Espresso



Espresso Fizz



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