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A guide to various type of Rice for making yummy Biryani at home

When it comes to biryani, one ingredient that plays the most important role in it is rice. The success of the dish depends on the quality and type of rice. So without wasting any time let’s dive into the types of rice. Alternatively, you can find a great list of the healthiest rice here.

Before we move on to the types of rice it is important to note that for making mouth-watering biryani we recommend you to use raw rice instead of parboiled or boiled rice. 

The best types of rice that you should make to make delicious biryani:

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Now that you know the best type of rice you should use let’s move to the recipe of chicken biryani. For this recipe, you can use any of the above-mentioned rice.

Easy steps to make biryani:

Take half kg or 1.1 lbs of chicken in a mixing bowl and add the following ingredients:

For preparing the chicken add oil in a pot and then add:

Now add 2-3 sliced onions and then fry it until golden brown. Now it’s time to add marinated chicken to the pot and cook it until it becomes pale on high flame. Keep stirring the chicken at this stage. After the chicken becomes pale lower the flame and cook it till the chicken becomes soft. Now add:

Mix everything well and spread it evenly in one layer. Add strained rice to a different bowl and then add 3 cups of water to it with ¼ teaspoon of salt. Now pour 2 cups of it in the cooking pot (which has chicken) and the remaining water on the rice. Make sure to level the rice evenly on top of the chicken. Now cover the cooking pot and the flame should be medium. 

Add water if you think that the rice is undercooked. Cook the biryani until fully done and then rest it for 15-20 minutes. And there you have it, your delicious mouth watering biryani.

Although making biryani takes some time and effort it is all worth it. The key to making perfect biryani is to get the best quality rice and once you have it get ready to eat the most delicious biryani that your taste buds have ever tasted!

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