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Does anyone know how to make/what this recipe is? Vegetarian.

So my husband and I had this vegetarian dish at an Indian restaurant and I don’t know what it was or how to find a recipe for it. We had ordered vegetable samosas and they had run out so the server brought us a different dish saying it was similar. I don’t like chickpeas and when I saw what he brought was like a pile of chickpeas I was pretty bummed out but these were literally so delicious. They were seasoned so great and I want to recreate it (it converted me to wanting to eat chickpeas).
I think there was like some kind of a patty with it similar to veggie samosa filling and I think there was something shredded on top? He didn’t tell us what it was and it printed as “vegetarian app” on the check. If anyone can point me to a recipe or a name of even just spices that would be awesome, thanks!!

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