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Arctic Apples 101: Everything You Need To Know About These Delicious Apples

Browning is an ugly part of fresh apples that prevents them from being used in products like Apple Slices. However, the same enzyme that makes apples prone to browning is also what makes fruits and vegetables so good for you. 

For this reason, Arctic Apple has identified a way to shut down the enzyme that causes browning, without tampering with the beneficial compounds.

Arctic apples are a type of apple that doesn’t turn brown quickly when you bite into them or slice them. This is because they have a different kind of enzyme than other apples. 

They taste just like regular apples and have the same amount of nutrition, but because they stay fresh for longer, they don’t look gross when kids eat them in school. They also last longer in grocery stores so there is less waste.

When was the Arctic Apple created?

You’re probably wondering ’Just when was Arctic Apple created?’ 

Well, Arctic apples began with a husband-and-wife team of apple farmers known as the Carters in 1996. While they were working on one of their many agricultural projects, they realized the need to improve food systems and reduce food waste. 

After years of research, they came up with a brilliant idea; apples that don’t brown when you slice them.

Benefits of Arctic Apples

If you like the idea of apples that don’t brown when you cut them, there are several things you might want to know about Arctic® apples:

Superior Flavor

Arctic apples are delicious and crunchy, with a great home-sliced taste. Many people love to eat apples with the skin on, so when they peel a conventional apple they are disappointed by the off-flavor of the flesh. 

Arctic apples don’t have this flavor, so you can simply rinse them off and enjoy them just as they are.

Decent Shelf Life

The non-browning trait means sliced Arctic apples have an extended shelf life, which translates to less food waste.

Arctic apples also have a longer shelf life after they’re sliced and packaged in bags. That means they’ll last longer in stores and at home. So you can enjoy their fresh-sliced goodness longer.

Healthy, Ready-to-Eat

Arctic apples will provide parents with a healthy, ready-to-eat snack that their kids will love. No more peeling or browning apples before serving them to your family.  

Great for Foodservice

Arctic® apples are the same as regular apples, except they don’t brown. That way, you can slice them ahead of time and not have to worry about their appearance. The benefits for foodservice are clear:

Arctic apples are great for sandwiches, salads and wraps. They also work well for fruit platters, charcuterie boards or any other food where you want to add an apple without worrying about browning.

The Bottom Line

As the first non-browning apple in the world, Arctic® Apples are an exciting innovation in the fresh produce industry. With the fresh-sliced market growing, and snacking habits becoming a part of consumers’ everyday lives, non-browning apples are a great solution for both growers and retail partners.

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