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Benefits Of Eating Dairy Free Custard Creams

Homemade vanilla custard puddings on a tray, garnished with caramelized sugar

If you’ve decided to start your dairy-free recipes, then you must look into the different kinds of dairy-free custard cream out there. They’re available in many different flavors, and many of them taste delicious that you won’t notice they’re dairy-free at all. 

When looking for dairy-free custard creams, you should also keep in mind that they come in several different sizes and some of them can even be frozen. That way, you’re not stuck with eating the creams that are too small. There are also different kinds of flavors available, so there’s going to be one that’ll suit your taste. As a tip, you should try to find one that’s easy to prepare as well. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend an eternity just so you could splurge in good food.

In addition to all of this, you may also want to consider how much you’re willing to pay for a dairy-free custard cream. Some are affordable and other ones that can cost hundreds of dollars. If you have the extra budget on hand, you want to make sure that you’re getting the product with the highest quality possible. 

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That being said, here are the benefits of eating dairy-free custard creams:  

Custard creams are known to be sweet. A classic custard cream contains high-calorie, which won’t be helpful if you’re trying to lose weight. But going dairy-free helps remove any excess saturated fat, sugar, and salt, making it a healthier choice and will lessen your calorie intake.  

Along with this, did you know that dairy is also known as an acidic food that hinders your body’s acid and alkaline balance? By going dairy-free, you’ll be able to have better digestion, helping you easily absorb nutrients. This will allow you to remove those extra pounds, making you slimmer and healthier.  

Since you’re going dairy-free with your custard cream, you’re also reducing your exposure with added antibiotics that came from cows.  

Yes, milk is not that ‘healthy.’ Antibiotics are given to cows so they could have a stronger immune system and prevent any infection. With that, you’ll be able to reduce the intake of unwanted anti-biotics and just focus on the good stuff.  

There are a ton of people who are allergic to milk. It even ranks in the top eight food allergen list in the U.S. With that, most people tend to avoid dairy and look for other alternatives.  

Depending on your milk allergies, they can be life-threatening, so they should be taken seriously. By going dairy-free for your custard cream, you’ll be able to enjoy the amazing and delicious taste of custard cream without putting your life at risk.  

When you’re a breastfeeding mother, and your baby is lactose intolerant or sensitive to milk, it’s recommended that you should go dairy-free as well. No matter how much you want to consume milk, you should avoid having them as it’s believed that what you eat is being passed on to your baby as they feed on your breasts, so avoiding them would be a great option.  

If you’re craving the satisfying taste of custard cream, but you can’t since they’re made out of dairy, there are a ton of dairy-free custard cream recipe out there that could help you enjoy custard cream without the guilt and keep your baby safe.  

Aside from dairy, there are a ton of foods that you should avoid, especially if your baby’s allergic and you’re breastfeeding, such as eggs and nuts. Ideally, you should consult with your pediatrician to know which food you should and shouldn’t avoid.  

Going for dairy-free custard cream doesn’t only do good for your body, but it benefits the animals as well. Dairy comes from cows, which might have a stance on animal cruelty. Not all companies gather milk from their cows by milking them by hand. Most of the time, they’re being milked by using milking machines, which can be hurtful for the cows.  

When you go vegan, you’re eliminating any animal products from your diet, including milk. In this way, you’re helping save animals from any form of animal cruelty. You can get the other nutrients needed from other sources of food, such as fruits and vegetables.  

Going dairy-free with custard cream allows you to enjoy great food without having to hurt any animals. Though there’s a use of eggs with this, producing eggs can be done at your own home since it’s easier to have chicken at your home instead of cows. In this way, you’ll be ensured that they’re not experiencing any cruelty at all.

Have you ever experienced eating custard cream and you notice that your stomach seems to be a little fuller? This is hard to handle especially when you’re wearing tight-fitting clothes. This is because consuming dairy isn’t that magical when it comes to digestion, causing you to bloat.  

Since going dairy-free is going to help you improve your digestion, you might notice that you’re less likely to bloat. Hence, you can now enjoy eating custard creams without having to worry about bloating and the other effects on it on your body.  

Along with this, you’ll be able to escape constipation once you remove dairy from your diet. Instead, you can change to more fiber-enriched alternatives.  


Going dairy-free might feel different since you’re used to having them in your diet. But if you feel that you’re extra sensitive when you’re having custard cream, it’s probably because of the excessive amount of milk it contains. As a solution, to help you enjoy the taste of custard cream without the awful side effects of it, you can go for a dairy-free custard cream.  

Dairy-free product has a ton of benefits for your body. But if you’re not willing to go full dairy-free, you could start from small foods, like custard cream, and try to work your way up. After all, there’s no harm with trying to go dairy-free one step at a time. Just make sure that you’re getting the nutrients that you need from other sources of food.

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