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Benefits of Homemade Food

Adults, especially those with families, prefer shared meals at their homes. Most enjoy the health, social, and emotional benefits that come with them. Yet, the FMI Foundation data contradicts this statement. Their research shows that whenever an adult in the US gets a meal during the week, 46% of the time, they are at a restaurant. Reports attribute this to increasing life responsibilities and expenditure. But, understanding the many benefits of homemade food will interest you to try it more often.

Saves you Money

Tiwari et al. found that adults eating 3-6 times/week spend $100 more in a month than those who eat at home or out 1-3times/week. To cut costs, Nutritionists from Extension Utah State University recommend making your lunch. This approach is practical for working adults who often eat take-outs. There are various other strategies you can use to reduce costs when cooking at home. Common and practical ones include:

Saving extends to single people leaving alone. If you cook enough food to eat twice, you save on both calories and money. Homemade meals are the best solutions for individuals on a tight schedule. 


If you are a student or working with a busy schedule, then batch cooking is a lifesaver. Weekends present people with enough time to prepare big batches of food for the whole week. If stored in a freezer, you can spend less time in the kitchen while enjoying food prepared at home. The time you spent in the kitchen will be valuable for spending with friends and family. Leon Edmunds from Edu Jungles recommends different kitchen essentials for batch cooking. Some include:

Meal planning also saves time. The key to this strategy is to anticipate days that you will be busy. When you plan, you won’t have to dine out on such days. Also, consider carrying lunch to work. Many self-employed people attribute it to time-saving and increased productivity. If you are still asking yourself how to make homemade foods, start by drafting your meal plan. Then, start batch cooking, and make the freezer your friend to enjoy home-cooked food. 

Healthier Ingredients

Health is the key driver of a home prepared meal. Literature links fast foods to the rising levels of obesity in the United States. Sometimes, restaurants focus on the taste of the food rather than its health benefits. Thus, they add unhealthy ingredients to improve the taste. Contrary, when you prepare your food at home, you will add fresh ingredients only. UCook compared the calories and sodium levels in home-cooked pasta and that of a restaurant. Home-cooked pasta recorded 601 calories and 360 sodium while the take out had 940 calories and 1900 sodium.

Sharpens your Cooking Skills

Alex Spanos said that you learn by doing. Cooking every day and trying new recipes helps you understand how to prepare a meal. The more you collect recipes and test if they work in your mind, the sharper your cooking skills become. Of course, in the process, you learn which ingredients are of good quality. There are plenty of cookbooks online today. Find them and try something new every week. Darren Barden from WriteMyEssayForMe says that, beginners in cooking should not experiment right away. Wait till you learn the perfect food matches, how to cook specific cuts, and improve other skills. When you have all the necessary skills, try out something you always thought would be amazing. Be creative while at the same time, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

You can Avoid Allergic and Sensitive Foods

To an acceptable extent, it is difficult for hotels to address allergies of everyone. Although some try to avoid common ingredients that cause allergies, it’s still problematic. With healthy homemade food, you don’t worry about having an allergic reaction. You oversee your shopping, cleaning, and how you cook your food. If a family member has a medical condition, you have the freedom to prepare food as the doctor instructs. Individuals with High Blood Pressure are sensitive to foods with high-fat saturation. But, at home, you can include more vegetables and fruits in the diet which will improve your health.

Evidence suggests people are becoming health-conscious and are eating home-made meals. But businesses have identified this interest and are moving towards this niche. There are now more homemade food restaurants today that prepare meals the way you would at home. They pay attention to the ingredients they use and to their customer needs. If cost is not a problem for you, these restaurants are a place worth visiting. But, if you want to enjoy the social, emotional and economic benefits, then have a shared homemade meal.

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