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Best Restaurants in St. Louis for a Business Meeting

Whether you are meeting a potential client for the first time, closing the deal with a new business partner, or looking to renegotiate a contract, having the right setting for the occasion is essential. Fortunately, St. Louis has a few great restaurants perfectly suited for business meetings.

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Blood & Sand

Even though the name might seem a bit intimating, Blood & Sand is actually a distinguished fine dining location that is worth a visit. This is a top choice for making a good impression on an important stakeholder, especially if this is your first time meeting.

The staff is very knowledgeable about their food and drink offer, therefore you can trust the service will be excellent. You can recommend your counterpart to try out the 5 or 10 course tasting menu that is regularly updated and constantly renowned by locals.

Roberto’s Trattoria & Chophouse

The second restaurant on the list is Roberto’s, a local sensation loved for its incredibly tasty food and excellent service. This location features a large variety of traditional Italian dishes, sometimes with a unique twist from the chef. As if the excellent choice of seafood and pasta was not enough, the chef can prepare you off-menu items on request as well.

Roberto’s Trattoria & Chophouse is a great option for when you want to discuss business, because of its well distanced tables that allow privacy. Since this is a fine dining experience, expect to pay a pretty penny for a lasting impression on your business partner. Many St. Louis residents agree that the price is completely worth it.

Cinder House and Bar

Cinder House and Bar is a luxurious restaurant located on the 8th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel of St. Louis. The atmosphere in this location is great for talking business, and the magnificent on-menu and off-menu specials are bound to sweeten the deal. The service is worthy of a first-class establishment.

The Four Seasons restaurant is a popular location for business meetings in St. Louis because it offers multiple private rooms for confidential talk. Whether you prefer the VIP table located in the kitchen or the Gaja Wine Room, you and your dinner partners are sure to feel more at ease talking numbers in a private dining environment. 


Not all business meetings are about numbers and negotiating contracts. Sometimes you need to do some lobbying and maintain great relationships with important stakeholders. If that is the goal you have in mind, then a restaurant like Basso is the perfect choice for you. 

This underground establishment is equipped with an excellent food & drink selection that is not very pricey. The lavish design of the space and the dim lighting offer an intimate atmosphere perfect for a relaxed business meeting. Order yourself a whiskey or a cocktail and try out some of their most popular dishes, such as creamy burrata, seared pork belly, crispy meatballs, or calamari fritti to name.

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