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Facts About Keto Strawberry Shake that you Should Know

Are you thinking about trying out a Keto strawberry shake? The drink is a form of the Keto diet, a way of eating that is proving useful in promoting weight loss, improving sleep, keeping people energized, and improving sleep, and so on.  Before you adopt the Keto diet, here are some

Things You Should Never Do to Lose Weight

Burning body fat is not a simple task as it appears to be easier to gain extra kilos than get rid of them. Although it is always worth trying to fight obesity to restore the body shape and improve health, a wrongful approach to the process of losing weight can lead to devastating consequences

10 Foods To Curb (Reduce) Your Appetite

As the heart of the home, it is only natural that you gravitate to the kitchen to indulge in its many delectable delights. But, when it comes to fighting back the battle of the bulge, or just to focus on eating for health, it becomes very difficult to stave off hunger, and wait until

What is Obesity?

Obesity is defined as abnormal fat accumulation, dangerous for health. It is a treatable disease. Obesity causes many health issues such as Type 2 diabetesMany Heart problems (high blood pressure, stroke etc.)Cardiovascular problemsPremature deathSome cancers (like breast, kidney, colon etc.) BMI calculator:        Doctors will usually say that a person is obese if his or her’s BMI is

Best vegetables for juicing

While there may be hundreds of vegetables available in the world and in supermarkets. Only some of these are actually best vegetables for juicing and are good in nutrients. Some people tend to combine a few different vegetables in order to get a juice that is the best blend of vitamins and minerals. However,

Foods You Must Try Out To Beat the Summer Heat

We all know that summer is a time to switch our clothes and flip-flops; but do you know it is also the perfect time to change your diet? Staying outdoors for long—and sweating—increases your risk for several health problems like skin sensitivities, dehydration, and mineral and vitamin deficiencies and more. Thought of eating healthy runs

6 Important Reasons Why You Should Try Using MCT Oil Daily

The Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) is fatty acids that are extracted mainly from coconut or palm oils that easily be converted to energy. The MCT can also come from ghee, goat’s milk, and camphor tree. The MCT oil helps us in many ways than we think, and below are just six health benefits you