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Cater Your Next Party with Sushi

Are you looking to make an elegant and classy impression at your next party? If so, ditch the conventional party catering meals and make your next event more sophisticated by catering it with sushi. Not only will your guests be impressed with your sushi catering, but it’s also a healthier choice than many other foods, ensuring they will be more than happy to eat what you’re serving instead of turning it down to save calories. Here are more reasons why sushi is the perfect food for your next catered party.

Variety is Important

When you throw a party, you want to make sure that there’s something to eat for everyone, whether they’re a vegetarian, a vegan, have a gluten or dairy allergy, or just don’t care for a certain type of food. While you might worry that people who don’t like seafood won’t eat sushi, the truth is that there are so many different kinds of sushi that you can cover all your bases. 

For example, cucumber, avocado, and mushroom sushi recipes are available for vegans and sashimi can be selected for people who suffer from gluten allergies. Dairy-free is generally easy with sushi, since most Japanese foods are already free of milk and cheese products. California rolls, spider rolls, and even tuna rolls tend to be popular among people who don’t usually care for fish. And, they can always partake in the vegan options as well.

Freshness Matters

Most catered parties don’t use fresh food as it’s difficult to provide enough food for a large gathering unless you’re able to freeze it first. But with sushi, you can feed a bunch of people with fresh ingredients like seaweed, carrots, cucumbers, avocados, and yes, fish. You won’t find any fresher food at any party than sushi because it must be eaten soon after it’s prepared. 

When you choose a caterer to provide sushi for your party, make sure they know what they’re doing. Find an expert in sushi techniques and flavors to ensure your sushi is the freshest and most delicious you can find. You’ll also want to choose a company that has experience making sushi for a lot of people, such as one that frequently caters parties.

Chopsticks Are Fun

When you serve sushi at a party, you should be sure to include chopsticks to eat it with. After all, using chopsticks is a major part of the sushi-eating experience. For people who eat most of their meals with forks and knives, using chopsticks to eat an authentic Japanese meal is challenging and even a bit exciting, especially when you finally get the technique down and successfully bring a piece of sushi into your mouth. 

In fact, a great party idea is to have an introductory lesson on how to use chopsticks before bringing out the sushi for everyone to eat. This is a fun icebreaker that will loosen people up and get them in the mood for a party.


Just because you haven’t been to a sushi party before doesn’t mean you can’t throw one yourself. Try catering your next event with sushi and discover just how wonderful this dish can be.

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