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Cooking with CBD Oil – 6 of Best Tasting Ideas for Cannabis Lovers

Cooking with cannabis is nothing new. There are records of recipes which use cannabis as a main ingredient that date back millennia and span multiple ancient civilizations. The flowers of the cannabis plant are reputed for their fragrant aroma and nutritional value, and it is no surprise that chefs around the worlds have used them to spice up dishes.

In contrast, cooking with CBD has a much shorter history. Nonetheless, there are quite a few excellent ideas floating around at the moment which incorporate CBD. Since cannabis is legal in Canada, it’s begun to pick up in popularity.

In this post, we will hopefully open your eyes to the culinary potential of CBD, undoubtedly one of the most exciting food supplements in the health and wellness market at the moment.

6 Amazing CBD Recipes

Cooking with CBD is actually not that much different to normal cooking. Cooking with cannabis usually requires a decarboxylation process to change the cannabinoids into forms that can be absorbed by the human body. Fortunately, however, the CBD oil or isolate that you will usually use to make CBD dishes has already passed through this process and is ready to cook with.

In other words, there is a lot of scope to be creative when cooking. If you’re in Canada or elsewhere, always use the best CBD oil possible as you would any other ingredient. The only thing that you need to look out for is not creating something that is inedible. If you are not that confident in the kitchen, you can just follow a normal recipe and add the CBD oil in at some stage. Just make sure that you do not end up wasting the CBD – it is too expensive!

Here are a few excellent ideas to get you started on your CBD culinary journey!

  1. CBD Spicy Garlic & Ginger Shrimp Pasta 

For those people who adore the combination of pasta and seafood, we have this easy dish. Begin by making a paste by blending a green chile, a thumb of ginger and six cloves of garlic in a food blender. Shell some freshly caught shrimp and then fry them in the garlic and ginger. When the prawns are pink, mix them in with some pasta. Season with lemon, pepper and olive oil before grating some parmesan on top. When you have finished, add in four teaspoons of full-spectrum CBD oil and mix. And hey presto – you have the perfect refreshing meals to eat outside on a warm summer’s evening!

  1. CBD Guacamole

Mexican food is loved the world over for its tangy yet full-bodied flavors. Among the cornucopia of dishes that Americans have borrowed from their southern neighbor is guacamole, undoubtedly the El Rey which it comes to dips. To make this dish, mash three avocados in a bowl with a fork. When you have made a thick paste, add salt, cumin, garlic, cilantro, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, jalapenos, onion and lime juice, and mix. Finally, add 1ml of full-spectrum CBD oil and enjoy as a side dip with tortilla chips.

  1. Chicken & Honey Mustard CBD Pasta

This pasta dish is one of our absolute favs! It is so simple to make, and the CBD kick that you add instantly transforms it into a classic.

Start by making the marinade. Take a cup and fill it halfway up with some Dijon mustard. Add one-third of a cup of honey and a sixth of a cup of balsamic vinegar. Then, chop up three-quarters of a kilo of chicken breast and marinate it for 20 minutes in the mustard blend. 

After, cook the chicken in the marinade until it is tender. Chop up some sun-dried tomatoes and parsley and mix it in before adding the final touch – four teaspoons of full-spectrum CBD oil!

  1. Grilled Apricot, Watermelon & Arugula CBD Summer Salad

This salad is the perfect bite to eat when the temperature is soaring in summer and you want something both refreshing and relaxing.

The first step is to slice an apricot into sixths and grill them in a pan until they are caramelized. Chop up half a watermelon into cubes, some mint and one-quarter of a red onion. Make a dressing by whisking together balsamic vinegar, olive oil and honey together with 0.25 g of CBD isolate powder. Add some arugula, the watermelon, mint and red onion to a salad bowl and drizzle the dressing liberally. Season with salt and pepper. 

  1. Mexican Quinoa CBD Salad

Even if you are not a vegan or vegetarian, you are simply going to love this quinoa salad. The dish is incredibly easy to make and makes for a light alternative to enjoy round the garden table in the summer. 

Start by making a vegetable – CBD oil mixture and heat it gently in a pan. Cook three cloves of chopped garlic in the oil. Add in a tin of black beans, a tin of corn, three chopped tomatoes, a cup of quinoa, vegetable stock, chili powder, cumin, paprika, salt, and pepper. Cook this mixture for 20 mins until the quinoa has absorbed all the moisture. Serve with avocado and lime juice!

  1. CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies

These CBD cookies will have the whole family begging for more by the time that they have all been gobbled down. Begin by mixing together the following ingredients in a big bowl: half a cup of almond butter, half a cup of coconut sugar, 100ml melted CBD-infused coconut oil, half a cup of almond flour, a large egg, one tablespoon of coconut flour, one teaspoon each of baking soda, cinnamon, vanilla bean paste and three-quarters of a cup of chocolate chips. Separate out into cookies and place them on a baking tray covered in baking powder. Cook for 20-25 mins in an oven preheated to 350°F.

Cooking with CBD can be a whole load of fun. You do not have to reinvent the wheel – all you have to do is add a little splash of CBD oil or isolate to a normal dish and you have something that is both healthy and promotes relaxation at the same time. Try a couple of the recipes above to get yourself started!

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