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Discover a New Twist on Classic Wodka

The best things in life are created from a foundation of love. For where there is love, there is passion. That’s how Wodka Brasil took off with a flying leap of faith and a heart firmly rooted in true love.  

destilHERO is the story of that true love. The new wodka brand evokes a certain curiosity about it, one that grows once you hear the story of how it came to be.

The Story of destilHERO

It all began with Ely, a man from Brazil. He would go on to found destilHERO based on his chance encounter with a Polish woman while he was in Rio. She was with her friends and her smile and laughter captivated him. So much so, in fact, that he completely took off and went to Poland to be with her.

The love between them grew as did Ely’s fascination with the local wodka. With every taste of it, it drove him to keep busy in those blustery cold months, something he was not used to in Brazil. Tasting the local assortment of wodka helped him find further passion in distilling his own liquor. His goal was to have people unite together with this wodka, something that would bring everyone around the table to grow bonds and share their stories.

Over time, Ely invited his closest Polish friends to come see Brazil and explore the incredible terrain of the Amazon. About to marry that intriguing Polish woman he left his homeland for, he took off with a bottle of his homemade liquor. As much as his life had changed to this point, this next adventure set into motion the creation of this wodka of Brasil.

In the Amazon Rainforest, the group encountered an Indian tribe. As a kind gesture and offering, Ely gave the leader of the tribe that bottle of wodka that he’d created. The Shaman responded in kind, giving the friends a wondrous drink of special fruits and roots from the Amazon. It’s been said this ancient concoction joins them to the spirits of the forest that can bring them harmony and happiness, as well as wisdom too.

For Ely, it suddenly clicked. The merger of 2 cultures, just like his experience with his new Polish bride. He suggested to the tribesman to mix the fruity concoction with his wodka and the Shaman gave his blessing. With that unity, destilHERO was born. It was a merger of flavors and cultures, something he knew he had to bring back to Europe. 

What is destilHERO? 

Ely did all the hard work, looking for a combination of his wodka plus the cupuaçu fruits from the Amazon. He called it “magic from the tropics,” an apt description for this flavorful spirit. 

Cupuaçu is a very mystical fruit. It’s exotic and utterly delicious, only found in the Amazon Rainforest. Interestingly, it’s related to cocoa. The unique and tropical taste is one that delights everyone. As it is blended with the wodka already, all you need to do to enjoy it is chill it and serve it. Ice cold and refreshing, destilHERO is all you need in one bottle. 

With this wodka base, it is distilled 6 times and filtered 5 times, taking the vodka from pure wheat to create a taste sensation. This is how Ely perfected this liqueur for all to enjoy. 

A Blending of Cultures and Spirits

What sets destilHERO apart is how it melds 2 very different cultures together in perfect harmony. It’s an example everyone can follow, how we can share pieces of our hearts and fit them together with such stunning beauty. With each of these ingredients, a new trend has emerged, allowing the world to see what magic can happen when we give our best to each other. 

In Europe in particular, these tropical and fruity flavors are completely exotic. So far removed from tropical life, destilHERO brings that punchy, fresh, and uplifting experience in an easy to enjoy wodka beverage. The distillation process renders a smooth and luxurious drink. It’s one that everyone loves to sip, gathered around together to make new memories and regale old stories from youthful days.

There are many ways to enjoy destilHERO whether sipping or by doing shots. The feeling is clean and refreshing, where the incredible flavors of Brazil unite with a completely clarified high-quality Polish wodka. 

It’s easy to envision a lively holiday along the shores of Rio, though anywhere you are, as long as you have this phenomenal spirit, you’ll always be in the best spirits. Take your taste buds to the tropics, where the warm sands and gentle sea breeze feel good on your skin. With destilHERO, you’ll be on vacation in just a few sips, no passport required!

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