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Food Budgets for Students

Away from home for the first time and feeling the crunch? Here’s how to keep your grocery budget low while still eating healthy!

If you’re away from home for the first time, learning how to balance your grocery budget while still eating healthy can be difficult. Students have to live on a tight budget so they prefer to use an essay writer website to save money on education tasks. Some students find that they must learn to eat at approximately $7.50 per day. However, with some creativity and the willingness to invest some effort, you can cut your grocery budget, while eating healthy and delicious meals.

Breakfast for Students

At breakfast, you might consider eating cereals cereal with milk. A box of cereal should average around $5 and last about 7 days. On weekends, you can spoil yourself by having pancakes, or eating scrambled eggs and toast. Consider that either meal, milk included, will clock in at less than $2.50, which is 1/3 of a $7.50 per day food budget.

At lunch, try making simple sandwiches to take with you. Buying food at school is often overpriced and unhealthy. This will derail your food budget in a major hurry. Consider that an entire loaf of whole wheat bread costs under $2. Making 2 sandwiches, even with peanut butter/jam or turkey slices is only a fraction of that two dollars. You will have again kept your meal under $2.50.

Lunch for Students

Dinner choices can very. Kraft Dinner (macaroni and cheese) costs less than $2.00 in most places. Whenever you see it on sale, be sure to stock up. Also, don’t be afraid to buy the store brand. This will keep your costs down. When you make the mac and cheese, add some steamed vegetables for a healthier zip. This meal will cost under $2.50.

Dinner for Students

Spaghetti is often a very cheap meal. You can improve its nutritional value by using wheat noodles. The experts from the resume writer service suggest to lean ground beef is generally cheap, but you can also buy a boneless skinless chicken breast and make chicken parmesan. Stock up if you find a sale for any of these items, particularly spaghetti, as doing so will reduce an already low cost. This meal will likely cost about $2.50 but you can reduce that if you find the right deals

A meal budget, particularly one as lean as $7.50 per day, doesn’t always figure in healthy snacks. You might try eating dried fruits and nuts. These are generally healthy and they will keep you from buying expensive campus snacks. Best of all, they are cheap, particularly if you buy them at the bulk store. You might also consider making your granola.

How to Make Your Pizza

Pizza is unquestionably a favorite among college students. But there is no reason why you have to order out or even eat a frozen pizza. You can make your pizza dough from scratch. Ingredients for a basic medium pizza when bought from the grocery store will cost you about $4. If you order out, the pizza will cost $8-12 or more, not including delivery charges and tips if there is one. Also, the fresh dough makes an even better-tasting pizza which will be a hit at a party.

If you’re living away from home for the first time and nervous about your food budget, consider these ideas. They will help you continue to consume a healthy diet in a way that will not hurt your wallet.