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How To Add CBD To Your Favorite Foods

CBD infusions have become a popular food and drink addition at restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries. 

Also known as cannabidiol, the health benefits of this extract sourced from the hemp plant include everything from stress and anxiety relief to pain reduction and mood improvement. As a naturally sourced phyto-compound, it stands to reason that those looking to improve their everyday wellness can add it to their daily dietary regimen. 

The most common way to take CBD is in the form of an oil, gummy, or softgel capsule, but it can also be easily infused into your favorite foods and snacks. 

But before we explore various methods for infusing your preferred edible with CBD, let’s get familiar with the most common types of CBD. 

CBD Blend Types

Cannabidiol is extracted from hemp using various processes, each yielding a specific type of blend. 

Full Spectrum CBD is the most common and has been studied extensively in clinical research. Full spectrum oils contain not just CBD, but other cannabinoid compounds like cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG). Most full spectrum blends also include a small amount of THC. For over the counter full spectrum blends, like those you can purchase online or at your local nutrition shop, the THC levels must comply with federal and state regulations and are found in such low concentrations that they are not psychoactive. 

Broad spectrum CBD oils closely resembles full spectrum blends with one key difference. The THC is completely removed from the preparation during the extraction and filtration process. Broad spectrum CBD oil is a perfect compromise for those who may be sensitive to THC or prefer to avoid it altogether. 

A third option is CBD isolate oil. This blend initially undergoes the same extraction process as the full and broad spectrum. This raw material is then filtered using various methods that remove all cannabinoids, including THC, CBN, and CBG so the only thing left over is a highly concentrated CBD powder.

CBD Infusions

Before you begin infusing your food or drinks with cannabidiol, you’ll want to decide on how much CBD to take. Research shows that anywhere from 50 to 400 milligrams of CBD daily is an effective dose. 

You can use a 1-milliliter dropper from your favorite CBD oil to measure this. Most CBD products will have directions that tell you how much CBD is in each dropperful. 

Once you’ve found the right amount of CBD, it’s time to start infusing. 

Baked Goods

One of the most popular ways to consume CBD is to mix it right into baked goods like brownies or cookies. 

The process is simple, and almost any recipe can be adjusted to include CBD. 

For brownies, you’ll want to have at least 50 milligrams of CBD per piece, so get an idea of how many brownies one batch will produce. If your pan makes ten brownies, you’ll want to add about 500 milligrams of CBD to the entire batch. 

Using the measurements suggested above, either squeeze CBD oil right into your brownie mix or use a concentrated distillate measured to 500mg of CBD. 

Bake as usual. Once done, you’ll have a delicious snack with health benefits! 


CBD can already be purchased in finished drink infusions at gas stations and grocery stores, but making your own beverages is relatively easy. 

Coffee drinkers like to add CBD to their java in the morning for a mood and energy boost. 

For the health-conscious, you can put a dropperful of organic CBD oil directly into a black, green, or herbal tea. Adding CBD oil while your tea is still hot won’t reduce its effectiveness, though it may add a natural hemp flavor. 

It Works For Everything

Everything, including salads and honey, can be infused with CBD Oil or concentrates like distillate or isolate powder. 

The possibilities are endless, and the benefits may be life-changing!

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