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How to choose coffee capsules

Coffee machine capsules are an alternative to regular coffee beans or ground coffee. They allow you to quickly prepare an aromatic drink, even for people who do not know the skills of baristas. Coffee will turn out delicious, rich, with a beautiful foam: this is what is brewed in coffee houses. There are several popular capsule systems on the market, the choice depends on personal tastes and features of coffee machines adapted to each specific brand. 

This is due to the fact that all major brands personalize capsules, making them compatible only with coffee machines of a particular brand. Understanding the differences, operating principles, price policy of brands and other features will allow you to choose the best capsules for making quality coffee.

What are the capsules for coffee machines

The capsule is the main system element for all capsule models. Generally speaking, the technology of each coffee machine functions in order to unlock the potential of the ground coffee container prepared by the producer and create an excellent drink. Despite the visual similarity, the containers differ significantly from each other.

All types of coffee machine capsules are categorized according to the following criteria: 

Manufacturer and compatibility with specific coffee machines; 

Type of material (mainly aluminium foil or combined ecoplastic);

Beverage type; brewing frequency (all top brands produce disposable containers for their coffee machines).

Compatibility of capsules with coffee machines of different brands

The compatibility list will help you determine which types of capsules are suitable for coffee machines of individual brands (taking into account the manufacturers of universal and reusable containers): 

Nespresso – Nespresso, Delonghi, Lattissima, Krups, Miele, Kitchenaid, Inissi. 

Dolce Gusto – Krups, Dolce Gusto, Piccolo, MiniMe, Oblo. 

Nespresso – Bosch.

Lavazza – Lavazza.

Reusable capsules

One of the main disadvantages of capsule coffee machines is the limited range of drinks. Reusable capsules partially fix it, although the official containers are not supported by coffee machine manufacturers.

It should be understood that this saving option is not always appropriate. The manufacturer takes into account everything from the pressure of the steam that passes through the container to the piercing mechanism. Third party manufacturers most often produce reusable imitation, which can be filled with any grain.

In general, it is not recommended to buy empty plastic capsules. Apart from Emohome and Coffeduck, they lose to branded containers. Stainless steel capsules, as opposed to plastic ones (25-30 brewings), are designed for reusable use. However, their high price negates any attempt to save money. As far as quality is concerned, original products will always be given priority by all evaluation criteria. 

The only reason to consider reusable containers is the desire to use their own beans to choose and mix blends, but in this case it is better to buy a carob coffee machine, filling and cleaning which is much easier and more convenient.

Where to buy and how to store the capsules

Most manufacturers have made sure that the storage of capsules is convenient. Tanks are sold in special packages that do not take up much space. Also, some manufacturers produce special racks-holders. This option makes it easier to sort and use the containers for brewing.

Gradually, capsules of top brands have ceased to be a deficit and now they can be bought without any problems  on MyFriendsCoffee or on the manufacturer’s websites (previously it was the main disadvantage of capsule coffee machines). For example, Nespresso products can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website nespresso, the same applies to Dolce Gusto – dolce-gusto. There is also a wide range of capsules available in stores.

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