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How to use Cannabis Concentrates Oil and Extracts

Cannabis concentrates, oils, and extracts are the desirable compounds, such as THC, CBDs and terpenes, extracted from the cannabis plant. The plant itself has numerous impurities and plant material, which is not beneficial to users. Concentrate cannabis is more potent and allows users to consume it in many ways. Concentrates have better flavor and faster onset time compared to flowers.

Different Types of Concentrates

The method of extraction, the part of the cannabis plant used, and the consistency of the final product bring about the different types of concentrates.

Method of extraction– The active ingredients, CBD, THC, and terpenes, are extracted using different ways. Carbon dioxide, butane are common extracting agents. Heat and pressure can also be used. Different extraction method will result in various types of concentrates

Part of the plant used– Most concentrates will use the Flower or the bud. This is because this is where the active ingredients are found in large quantities. However, other parts of the plant have them in smaller quantities.

Consistency of the concentrate– The concentrate can be in liquid form such as cannabis oil, solid or wax-like.

Let’s now take a look at the different types


Shatter is a popular type of concentrate with a glass-like appearance. It can be clear or amber in color. Just like glass, it appears to shatter into pieces when breaking apart. It is a very pure concentrate. To obtain this concentrate, butane is used as a solvent. It is then filtered to have a pure product.


Wax concentrate has a candle wax appearance hence the name. It is very sticky to the point that it can be difficult to handle it with your hands. It has a yellowish appearance. Wax concentrate is extracted using heat and moisture. 

Variations of wax will depend on the levels of heat and moisture used. Variants include budder, honeycomb, and crumble.


Rosin concentrate is derived by using heat and pressure and no solvents. The marijuana flowers and kiefs are subjected to heat and pressure to extract this type of concentrate. Industrially, a hydraulic press is used for greater efficiency. Rosin has an oil-like appearance golden in color. Among all concentrates, rosin retains the flavors and aromas of the particular plant it was extracted from due to the absence of a solvent.


Oil is a very common cannabis concentrate in the market today. Oil is extracted using Carbon dioxide. Using CO2 saves more of the terpenes that are otherwise destroyed by heat. Cannabis oil is used to make edibles.


Hash has been around for a long time. It is a form of concentrate made by compressing kief in a simple extraction method. Hash is then smoked just like the usual flowers but is way more potent.

How to make Concentrated THC Oil

THC oil is one of the versatile extracts that anybody can make and use in a variety of ways. Its usage has increased over recent years due to the medicinal properties that it has. Anti-inflammation is particularly an important cannabis attribute used in the management of medical conditions. THC oil allows the user to consume larger quantities of THC safely.

Depending on the type of THC oil you want, different extraction methods will be employed. The most popular method of extraction is Quick Wash Ethanol, where ethanol is used as a solvent.

How to use Cannabis Concentrates

Due to the different types of concentrates available, there are several ways users get to use cannabis. The choice of hose to consume will also depend on the reason why you consume cannabis. For instance, medical marijuana is usually consumed differently from recreational cannabis.


Vaping has become the most popular way to consume marijuana concentrates. It is a safe alternative to smoking. Vaping uses less heat than the open flame smoking method, which results in respiratory problems. Vaping is also discreet since the marijuana aroma isn’t as strong. The fact that you can vape anywhere you want discreetly is very attractive to many users. The same cannot be said about smoking. Vaping works by heating the cannabis extract to just its vaporization point. You inhale the vapor, which contains active ingredients such as CBD and THC. Read more here and learn more about the PAX 3 vaporizer from PAX Labs.

Vape pens are the most common vaporizers. They contain a heating element called an atomizer which heats up the cannabis. Most use rechargeable batteries and have a mouthpiece that you inhale from. Some vape pens are used for specific types of concentrates. Other vape pens are made so that they can be used with refillable cartridges filled with liquid cannabis extract. Visiting this site would be ideal if you are looking for the best delta 8 carts with battery.


Dabbing is a more advanced way of consuming cannabis. It follows the same method as a vaporizer, only that it uses more advanced hardware. It allows users to enjoy more potency and more flavor from their marijuana extracts. You’ll need to have a dab rig, which is a special water pipe. Dabbing is more common with certain types of THC extracts.

Adding to your normal cannabis flowers

This is very common among people who prefer smoking marijuana. A concentrate is added to the normal flowers to make them more potent. You could also add to dry herbs. In addition to increasing the potency, you can also add it to obtain benefits from the active ingredients

Eating edibles

Infusing edibles is another way of consuming concentrates. Edible are food and beverage products that have marijuana concentrates among the ingredients. When preparing edibles, make sure not to use temperatures above 375 degrees F as this is the vaporization point of most cannabis extracts. The extracts are best added after you are done cooking to prevent loss of potency.

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