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Introducing Millet Food to Babies: When, How, and Why?

Supermarkets are full of food items that promise health for your baby, muddling up your senses a bit too tight. When it comes to baby food, you, as a mommy, become extra-conscious and tend to buy everything you think is suitable for your baby just because the packaging shouted out loud (and was a bit fancy). We are not saying that you are treading an entirely wrong path but how about we give you something better to trade your confusion with, something purely desi and healthy? 

Yes, we are talking about millets or what your great-grandma called “jowar”! 

While the green revolution of the 1960s tried hard to swipe off millets, it didn’t quite succeed in its endeavours and thankfully so! One of the most important cereal crops of India, millets also feature as the traditional food sources and come in a wide variety. Whether it’s foxtail millet, barnyard millet, black finger millet or pearl millet, every variety of millet is a treasure chest of nutrients like protein, fibre, minerals, and so much more. 

Let Your Baby Welcome Health with Millets 

Gluten-free millets can do some ultra-wonders to your baby’s health. Still, have your doubts? Well, check our easy-to-understand millet food guide for babies and thank us later:

When can you give your baby millet food? 

As per World Health Organisation’s (WHO) guidelines, you can introduce millet food to your little ones after 6 months. Moreover, millet food goes well with breastfeeding, so you can be carefree. 

If you don’t believe us yet, it’s good to consult your paediatrician and clear the air for once and for all. 

Super-food for Super-babies: Perfect Millet Variants for Your Little Sunshine 

Foxtail Millet/Korra 

Super rich in protein, fibre and lecithin, foxtail millet complements the needs of your growing baby, be it bolstering her nervous system or strengthening her muscles, like nothing else. 

Give your kid the foxtail millet makhana, dosa or porridge and see the magic unfold. 

Finger Millet/Ragi

Welcome the wonder millet for babies in your kitchen and gift your baby the ultimate superfood she deserves! From being an extremely rich source of calcium to containing the nutrients that are easy to digest, finger millet or ragi is just perfect for your growing kids. 

Combine this super-food with fresh, seasonal veggies or dry fruits, and let your kids say hello to their healthier and stronger version. 

Pearl Millet/ Bajra 

Iron Millet is here, ladies: Even the iron man bows down to it (no, not just kidding!) 

Iron is one of the most vital ingredients a growing baby requires and pearl millet touches the very point. The pearl millet is 19 times richer in iron than rice. Yes, kind of unbelievable but 100% true. 

Make bajra porridge or utilise it in preparing super-delicious dosa for your babies and you are good to go.  


Another great source of iron is jowar or sorghum which has approx.8.45 milligrams iron in every cup. Many times, the iron doesn’t get absorbed easily, especially when the digestive system of a baby is still in the development stages. This results in unnecessary havoc, both in your mind and your baby’s tummy. To avoid such happenstances, prepare sorghum dishes using Vitamin C sources like lemon or orange and you don’t have to worry at all! The gluten-free cereal is coming back with full vigour. This ancient Indian food is nothing short of amazing for growing babies. If you are a busy mom, you can try out some easy-breezy millet recipes like Millet Dosa by Slurrp Farm and skip all those difficult preparations.

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