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Is Cold Pressed Celery Juice Good for You?

People are nowadays doing anything that promises them maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Right from enrolling in daily workout routines to eating a balanced diet. However, specialists advise people to stay extra careful of the food they regularly consume. 

Celery juice is a modern-day tastier drink that many health specialists have applauded for its health benefits. Their rich vitamin properties make them a choice for people who need to stay healthy. Consequently, they boast detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties that are important for a healthy lifestyle.

Is Cold Pressed Celery Juice Good for You? 

Everybody loves cold drinks, especially when temperatures are high. But is consuming cold foods and drinks recommended by the health specialists? Right, this question might receive different responses depending on one’s know-how. What about the celery juice, is drinking cold-pressed celery recommended by a health specialist? 

Now, before getting into answering the question, is celery juice itself safe to drink? Right, specialists recommend consuming whole vegetables and fruits. Consuming them wholly, we obtain fiber that is essential for the digestion process. Consequently, the fiber present in whole vegetables and fruit is essential for gut bacteria. 

Other fiber benefits include;

 Which means that it is better if served fresh. You can use these best juicer for carrots and beets which would help you to extract and consume fresh juice at home.

When we form juice from these materials, things change. Remember, before juicing, there are parts of fruits and vegetables we peel off. You only remain with some minerals and vitamins in the content. 

In general, celery juice is a safe drink to consume for a healthy lifestyle. Even though it lacks fiber, you can obtain this nutrient from other foods. Now, do specialists recommend drinking cold-pressed celery juice? 

Celery juice is safe for consuming whether warm or cold. However, specialists advise people to drink it once it’s ready without any additives in it. Even though it’s safe for drinking, the nutrients in these juices can vary depending on their state temperature. Cold-pressed juice usually loses over 50% of its nutrients when left in cold condition for about an hour. You only gain minimal nutrients than what you had gained if consumed immediately after juicing. 

Consequently, health specialists are always against consuming cold foods and drinks. Research shows that consuming cold foods has severe implications for digestion. This is also a similar case to cold-pressed celery juice. Drinking it while cold restricts digestion as well as contract blood vessels. 

Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice 

A healthy diet contains all forms of nutrients essential for the body’s development. Let’s comprehend the benefits of celery juice. 

Great in Hydrating 

The body comprises a high water percentage. Such content levels need to remain maintained for it to function correctly. Keeping the body hydrated entails consuming a lot of fluids all day long. The celery juice content comprises mainly water that makes it of importance in hydrating the body. 

Consequently, there are several things that enough water saves the body. For instance, proper hydration in the body is the solution to appropriate functioning of the brain. Nevertheless, proper hydration is essential for waste excretion, managing blood pressure, regulating body temperature, and kidney health. 

Celery has Low Sugar Content. 

Most people consume sugary beverages out here. Health-wise, excessive sugar in the body can lead the body to develop a lot of complications. Furthermore, artificially added sugars to drinks add up to the amount of calories consumed per day. 

Celery juice contains natural sugars from the fruits and vegetables incorporated to form it. This is a low-sugar drink that helps users cut their overall sugar intake dramatically. Consequently, they cut the amount of calorie intake per day significantly. 

Has Anti-inflammatory Properties 

Phytonutrients are essential plant compounds that are essential for the body. Celery juice is full of these plant compounds; they are crucial to reducing inflammation in the body. 

Our bodies tend to accumulate free radicals that cause what we refer to as oxidative stress. Phytonutrients in celery juice act as antioxidants, and they play a role in reducing oxidative stress. Moreover, these antioxidants help lower chronic problems like diabetes, cancers, obesity, and heart-related issues. 

Drinking Celery Juice Correctly

After gaining more about celery juice’s health benefits, it’s essential you learn the correct way to drink it. Read to have insight about this. 

Morning hours are perfect for drinking celery juice. However, you don’t need much of it while still with an empty stomach. During this time, experts recommend drinking just about 16 ounces of juice. 

After drinking your juice, wait for about half an hour before you consume any other food. You should also avoid this juice in the daytime after consuming other drinks and foods as well.

If you need to consume fatty foods, there is a time you should wait for after drinking the celery juice. A period of at least two hours is sufficient to pass for you to consume your favorite nuts. Otherwise, you can as well avoid foods with fats at all. 

Both conventional and organic celery can make juice. However, specialists recommend organic celery for more nutrients. However, if you have conventional celery, you can as well enjoy the juice. But using conventional celery requires washing stalks with soap before juicing. 

Celery juice is taken as prepared. You shouldn’t add any form of additive to the juice. Even if it’s not sweet, avoid adding sweeteners to the juice. 

Lastly, celery juice is best when consumed while fresh. You can store it in a fridge and completely sealed for use the rest of your day. Leaving it past a day will lose its nutrients. 


Celery juice contains several nutrients essential to our bodies. However, you need to drink this juice while fresh after forming it. Even though you can consume it while cold, experts recommend having it in the state temperature after forming it. Celery juice is nutritious and safe to consume to enable you to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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