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Main Reasons Why The “Full English Breakfast” Is Still So Popular In Great Britain

If you’ve visited any of the favourite vacation destinations of U.K. people, you may have noticed restaurants and coffee shops and cafes offering a “Full English Breakfast” as one of their main options. Although this is a high-calorie meal, there are lots of tourists who choose it over lighter options. There are a few good reasons why the “Full English Breakfast” is still so popular in Great Britain. We are going to take a closer look at some of them.

The taste is one of the main reasons why people keep choosing this breakfast, despite of its high number of calories. The beans on toast, the poached or fried eggs, the crispy bacon, and the sausage are truly addictive. Their full taste is nicely complemented by the taste of the cooked tomatoes. The black pudding and the mushrooms make this breakfast a complete and filling meal. When you’ve got used to such a rich combination of tastes, it can be difficult to settle for less. Eating is one of life’s biggest pleasures, so there’s no wonder we all long for meals that make us feel so satisfied. A proper fry up can be the supreme comfort food, and a great way to start your day.

The cultural heritage is another reason why this breakfast is still one of the main choices of people in the Great Britain. When you grow up with this rainbow of tastes and flavours, it is hard to find satisfaction in another kind of breakfast. You simply can’t eat a croissant with coffee or a few slices of toast with jam and call it a satisfying breakfast. Family tradition and cultural heritage are extremely powerful. They make it extremely difficult for people to make such changes in their lives. There’s a huge satisfaction coming from enjoying things we are familiar with, whether it comes about food or cultural traditions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration. The Full English Breakfast is a national institution, a cultural hegemony British people aren’t ready to give up just yet. It is an absolute staple, an ancient tradition, and a proof of hospitality. Many times, people invite their peers over to enjoy a proper breakfast together.

Starting your day with a filling meal provides you with the energy you need to go through your morning chores and duties. When you eat this much food for breakfast, you won’t be hungry again for hours. This enables you to do what you have to do without the need for stopping to have another snack before lunch. Besides, the protein and carbohydrates content in this type of meal is properly balanced, providing the body with the nutrients it needs to keep going.

Last but not least, the Full English Breakfast still rules due to its versatility. You can choose what you want on your plate. Should you prefer to avoid baked beans, you can choose a brown sauce to dip things in. Some famous chefs prepare their own versions of this meal. They may add bone marrow and other fine foods. They may fry the eggs in butter or in olive oil. Some may even add hash browns to give the English Breakfast an American twist. This flexibility is one of the reasons why so many people prefer this breakfast. How can you actually dislike it when you can tweak it to suit your personal taste?

These are a few considerations that explain the huge popularity of the Full English Breakfast in Great Britain and anywhere else in the world where the British go on vacation. Obviously, this meal is here to stay for quite a long while.

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