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Presenting ice cream in a classic Italian way: the modern pozzetti ice cream display

The Italians know how to make ice cream. According to a long tradition, the Italians have been making their own ice cream since the sixteenth century. Over the centuries, Italian ice cream has acquired a unique character that today attracts many people to the ice cream parlor. To optimally preserve the traditional Italian ice cream, the Italians use so-called Pozzetti, a way to store ice cream and present it in sealed containers with luxury lids.

One of the drawbacks of the Pozzetti is that customers cannot see the ice cream, and are therefore less likely to be attracted to the ice cream and are more difficult to make a choice. People want to see the ice cream, the color, whether there are pieces in it and what different flavors and combinations there are. Because of the closed bins, some of the experience and the atmosphere in the ice cream shop are missing.

The Italian brand BRX is known for its high quality ice cream display cases and has made the presentation and storage of ice cream an art. Many of the best ice cream parlors work with an ice cream display from BRX to present their traditional ice cream optimally and with style. The company has recently introduced a whole new way of presenting ice cream with the Vista. The BRX Vista is a combination of a traditional Italian Pozzetti and the ice cream display as we know it in the Netherlands. The BRX Vista does have the stylish Italian way of presenting ice, but without the lids. This makes the ice cream clearly visible and the product is optimally presented to the customer.

The BRX Vista has a luxurious appearance. One of the many advantages of the BRX Vista is that ice can automatically sink into the underlying cooling after the working day and is optimally stored there. This way you no longer have to bring the ice bins to separate cooling at the end of the day. This saves time and, in addition, a lot of room for extra cooling. This can be an ideal solution for an ice cream shop with a small area.

Besides the fact that the BRX Vista saves time and space, the pozzetti is an energy-friendly way to present and store traditional ice cream. Because the ice at a pozzetti can be cooled easier and more efficiently, you can see that immediately on the energy bill. Moreover, the ice is better preserved, which means that it reaches the customer in optimum quality.

The BRX Vista exudes craftsmanship and authenticity, something that real ice cream lovers find important at an ice cream parlor with high quality ice cream. The BRX Vista is imported from Italy to the Netherlands by Frozen Brothers, which will show the pozzetti during the Horecava in the Amsterdam RAI. There are two varieties, one for six flavors and one for ten flavors of ice cream.

Looking for a unique and distinctive way to present ice cream? The BRX Vista combines the classic and authentic atmosphere of the Italian gelato with the modern ice cream display that optimally preserves and presents the ice cream.

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