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Restaurants with great cocktails in Australia

Spending quality time with our family and friends is one of the most looked-forward-to activities which we plan for the weekend. Planning where to drive, making reservations and deciding as to what to wear are those exciting chores which are the tradition of Friday. Lovely vibes, excellent food and the celebrity cocktails which we sip into gives birth to all those pleasant kind of feelings which we would be longing for. The monotony of the week is broken by such small things which we do during weekends which is extremely essential to tackle the most dangerous ‘Monday blues’.

Drinks and dining are the customary must-haves for a family date. The dinner reservations are made at places that cater to each and everybody’s need in a family. A refreshing soup, a yummy appetizer platter and the gourmet chicken for the main course followed by the sinfully sweet dessert… heaven is thus conquered! The menu gets an upgrade with the presence of some amazing cocktails that can uplift the mood instantaneously with its flavours and the sparkling sizzle of the clinking glass. A best cocktail menu of a restaurant usually offers everything from cheap drinks to some exotic cocktails that are ready to be relished by the patrons, but it is in the hands of the restaurants to make each moment alive with some lively cocktails that would get any lifelessly tired customer totally back to life!

Galaxy Training Australia [GTA] is your party mate who comes to your rescue when you call out for help. Help with either to understand the concepts of the liquor or giving you complete guidance of partying hard with a pinch of responsibility sprinkled over your head. RSA [Responsible Service of Alcohol] is the course which GTA offers its customers which is all about grooming the trainees to shape them as the most successful bar professionals with smooth skills and subtle ethics. GTA carves out the better professionals from the prospective bartenders to make them nothing less than the best. Galaxy Training Australia is now presenting you with those best restaurants in Australia, which would help you unwind with its lip-smacking food in their menu and an array of amazingly attractive cocktails as an add-on. Here’s the list of your weekend reservations:

1. Riley Street Garage – SYDNEY

Formerly an Australia’s pioneer full-service garage, this place was refurbished and transformed, highlighting its contemporary ambience into a huge bar and restaurant. This place is well-known for its massive brass island bar, prominently in the limelight amidst the large industrial locality. The patrons come here to enjoy this busy space which is designed to enjoy leisurely. This place as the restaurant people claim- ‘is a place for people who would rather eat in a bar, than drink in a restaurant.’ A perfect place for all, from single diners staging a soliloquy with a subtle cocktail, to the large groups and families looking for a soul-satisfying experience balanced by the restaurant’s immeasurable wine selection – this place welcomes everyone with open arms.

2. Cru Bar & Cellar – BRISBANE

With some of the best-found cocktails in the town like chamberry, old maid and pink cazadore, Cru Bar and Cellar is one of the pioneering restaurants known for its sheer elegance with drinks and the quality food that makes people come back here, again and again, to enjoy the delicacies with some delicate cocktails endlessly. Cru is an acclaimed wine bar, cellar, restaurant and also a popular function venue making it one of the most preferred locations of Brisbane. The contemporary interiors, competitive food menu and charismatic cocktails line-up make it a perfect chamber for celebration. With an amazingly skilful staff ready to serve you the best of food and cocktails, Cru Bar and Cellar is undoubtedly a place to explore soon.

3. Seascape – GOLD COAST:

Highly recommended for a leisure time to spend with a stunning beach backdrop – Seascape is a place that will melt your heart and make you go weak-on-the-knees for its stunningly beautiful ambience. Lady Marmalade, Elderflower Spritz and Three Ps in a pod are some of the exotic cocktails which are waiting for you to check-in and hold them in your palms and embrace their magic. The captivating architecture, scintillating breeze by the bay, which makes you see the setting sun and indulge in the seafood – the experience is simply surreal. A contemporary menu which serves around 6 species of fish each day is a perfect combination of food for the soul and cocktail for the mind.

4. Apoteca – ADELAIDE:

Apoteca Bar & Restaurant was started in the year 2002 inside a heritage-listed building inside the bustling neighbourhood of West End precinct. The restaurant got its name from the 142-year-old pharmacy cabinets which stand proudly to welcome when one enters the bar. Cocktails like Persian Spice and Penicillin always give the thrill of enjoying the spirit of this place more and more times during each visit. The haunting cocktails and the appealingly appetizing food menu have made Apoteca one of Australia’s must-visit pit-stop for travellers.

5. Tipsy Bull – CANBERRA:

Cold war, Two-faced mirror, Breaky juice, Jackman appletini – the list of the cocktails served here is as unique as the place itself. Presenting Canberra’s much-loved restaurant – Tipsy Bull. The crispy squids, rib-eye steak and the crowd favourite risotto is served with utmost love, care and finesse to improve their proficiency in quality food serving each day, every day. Tipsy bull boasts a humble collection of around 230 varieties of Gin with which the magic is created each time when a customer orders for a great cocktail.

6. Eau De Vie – MELBOURNE

How would you feel when you enter a restaurant where a backdrop of thousand bottles of goodness welcomes you with a shimmy smile on them? Beckoning are those beautiful bowls of boneless beauties beautifully plated, requesting you to tenderly hold them in your hand and take a bite of them to soothe your palate and open your senses. Eau De Vie is just the right place to go if you want to attain Nirvana of your foodie soul. A restaurant par excellence, this place is the sheer example of the state-of-the-art architecture which is both vintage and chic. The cocktail theatre as they fondly call their cocktail menu –  consists of some exquisite drinks like Smokey Rob Roy, Espresso Zabaione and Vin De tropics.

7. Windflower – PERTH:

This rooftop glory is definitely going to hijack your heart and take you to a whole new world of rewarding reminiscence. Gunnery Spiced Rum, Applewood Limoncello and Hippocampus are some of the top showstoppers of this beautiful ramp full of bewitching beauties seated to woo everyone in the cocktail glasses. Braised Yellow Endive, Manjimup marron and Dry aged wagin duck breast are some of the delicacies to be ordered when you are at this wonderful rooftop regalia.

Samara Robinson was born and raised in Canberra, Australia. She is a mother who loves cooking and binging over a book with a bowl of popcorn. Her love for language and colours has made her write on varied topics like from food to fashion, gardening to parenting and health to partying. She is a trained dancer and a singer with an acquired taste towards dramatics and tribal art forms. She now works for Australia’s leading RSA and RSG training company Galaxy Training Australia as a Creative Content Developer with her extensive experience in the field of Online Marketing.