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Scrumptious Jobs In The Food Manufacturing Sector

Consider a role in the food sector, and your mind wanders toward being a chef in a 5 star restaurant, a barista in the hottest coffee shop or perhaps even a restaurant designer. But beyond these types of positions, there’s a whole manufacturing sector full of great positions for those more interested in the process of food creation, and we have jobs in this sector by the baker’s dozen. So, let us introduce you to some of our most popular food manufacturing jobs sure to make you want to find out more.

Production Manager

Production managers are responsible for the technical management, supervision and development of production processes. You’ll ensure that goods and services are produced as efficiently as possible, while in keeping with budgets and standards of quality.

This Job Involves:

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Hygiene Manager

Hygiene managers are responsible for promoting excellent Health and Safety practices within the food manufacturing process. Identifying areas for risk, ensuring all food health and safety regulations are kept, and responding to complaints are all part of this multifaceted role.

This Job Usually Involves:

Manufacturing Cookies in Factory

NPD Manager

Definitely an exciting role, involving everything from designing and creating a new product to bringing it to market.

This Job Typically Involves:

Who Are Silven Recruitment?

Dedicated to connecting the biggest food and drink manufacturers with the very best talent in the industry, we have been successfully matching candidates with their dream jobs for nearly 10 years. Providing the level of support and training that we know makes our candidates stand out among the masses, we ensure our candidates feel prepared for the job they want, and that clients are always happy with the candidates that they choose.

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For more information about working in the food manufacturing industry, we recommend visiting BSDA and LFRA.

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