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Spice Up Your Morning Toast With These 7 Healthy Hacks

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Jumpstart your day by eating a nutritious breakfast and conquer the day!

Today we will share to you 7 Healthy Ways to Spice Up Your Morning Toast. As we said, you can’t function well with an empty stomach so it is imperative that you grab a bite before leaving home.

7 Healthy Ways to Spice Up Your Morning Toast

In this article, we will be sharing with you ways on how to add that extra spunk (and nutritional value!) to your typical morning toast. Fruits and other jellies and jams are a staple in every kitchen but adding them together can give you that extra flavor and goodness. Say goodbye to your boring morning breakfast with these 7 Healthy Ways to Spice Up Your Morning Toast .

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  1. Choose your Grain. The first thing to do before we get started is to choose your grain. You have a choice of whole wheat toast which is made from one hundred percent whole grain flour, or if you’re feeling extra, you can try on spelt or rye. All of these are packed with ample fibers and minerals that are both yummy and healthy.
  2. Up your Protein. Proteins are the primary responsible for repairing your cells and maintaining your energy levels throughout the day. By adding protein filled food like salmon, a slice of lean ham, and eggs on your toast can surely boost your protein intake. Tasty!
  3. Pizza Toast. That’s it. That’s the post. Just kidding! There’s more. Almost everyone can attest that pizza and toast is one of the best combinations ever made. To make one, spread ample sauce to your toast and then add the toppings of your choice, you can play with the toppings depending on your mood. If you’re watching your diet, there’s veggie pizza toast with onions, peppers, tomato, mushroom, and basil. If you’re looking to bulk up, you can top your favorite meat and to finish off with shredded cheese until it melts. And voila! Consume immediately.
  4. Eggcado aka AvoToast. Eggs and Avocado in your toast is a different kind of treat. To make this, shred a hardboiled egg and then pile it up with avocado and tomato. Add cheese and syrup as you please. This scrumptious toast will surely be one of your easy favorites.
  5. Delicioso. Since we can’t get enough of avocadoes, here’s another Mexican-inspired treat. The grilled corn avocado toast will take you to another level. Crushed creamy avocado is topped with grilled buttery corn, sprinkled with cheese, herbs, and spices, and finished off with lime juice. This toast will surely make you say delicioso!
  6. Try Some Toast From Around the World. Let your taste buds travel the world with these two toasts from South America and Asia! If you’re looking for a sugar rush to pump your day, Dulce de Leche from Argentina might be the one for you. It is a caramelized sweetened condensed milk that is directly spread on toast. This is best paired with your favorite cup of coffee to level the taste of sweetness and strength of coffee. Kaya Jam, on the other hand, is a staple toast topping in Singapore and Malaysia. It is made of coconut egg jam that is flavored with pandan, which is equally a sweet and nutty herb used in South East Asian cooking very much alike our vanilla. Often paired with a soft-boiled egg that is seasoned with soy sauce and white pepper, Kaya toast may sound like an odd combo for a toast but still a good choice that is similar to the famous bacon doughnut with its sweet and salty finish.
  7. Classic Buttered Toast Fiesta. Your buttered toast is considered to be one of the staples when it comes to the morning toast family (of course with the right whole grain bread as well, whole wheat should be your go-to then lightly burn to a crisp, yum!). If you’re keeping track of your diet, you should consider using whipped butter, or if you’re using regular butter, spread just a small amount.

Why is your Morning Toast One of the Best Thing That Has Happened to You

We all know someone who’s a super fan of morning toasts. I mean who can blame them? They are one of the easiest and quickest dishes to prepare that only requires a few ingredients. Another thing is, it can be served throughout the day and you can even take some to school or to work and it’s heavy and healthy enough to substitute for a full meal.

Bonus Hack

If ever you’re recovering from illness or recently have undergone surgery, or just merely sick and under the weather and still need to eat for strength, then your go-to food will be a toast. This is better than nothing since there are still calories in your food. Since you’re sick and can easily feel queasy with the addition of other food in your toast, you can instead put banana or applesauce that is easy on your tummy and still yummy.

Now that we’ve shared the 7 healthy hacks to spice up your morning, you can now try them every day for a week! But first, make sure you load up your pantry so you won’t have to substitute some of the ingredients and enjoy the full goodness of new and improved morning toast.  

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