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The Best Guide on How to Store Coffee Beans

Coffee is a hot beverage that is obtained from the coffee beans, which are extracted from the coffee plant. It has immense benefits that have seen it rise to be among the top two preferred hot beverages. Most coffee fans want to have it as part of their kitchen items all the time. However, is this possible, given that coffee beans are perishable?

You want fresh aroma and flavor in your coffee at all times, right? You don’t have to visit the store often to satisfy this desire. This article brings you clear and straightforward facts into coffee beans storage that you will find helpful. 

How to Store Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are in two major categories, that is, Coffee Arabica and Coffee Robusta. Despite being only two major categories, you will get numerous coffee flavors in the market. This stems from the fact that different growing conditions breed different flavors and aromas.

From the farm, you will get green beans. These are supposed to be roasted and ground, so as to be ready for use. This guide will be split into two: a guide for green beans storage and a guide for roasted beans storage.

How to Store Green Coffee Beans

Coffee beans fresh from the farm are called green coffee beans. If you have the time and means to roast your beans, then this is the best form.

The location you choose should be away from direct sunlight. The corner of a cupboard, a kitchen shelf or a cabinet will do just fine.

Avoid a place where heat will damage the beans, for instance, near the fireplace or oven. Heat compromises the durability of the beans.

You can roast the beans and grind them for use each time you want the brew your coffee. Alternatively, you can roast the beans you will use for around three rounds, which will still be in the required flavor.

Green beans, when stored properly, can last for years before losing their original taste.

How to Store Roasted Coffee Beans

Green beans roasting is a preparation step for coffee. Roasted coffee is in a variety of flavors, aroma, and acidity, depending on the level of roasting.

Most people prefer to buy these types of beans since they are easier to prepare. However, unlike green beans, roasted beans have a shorter lifespan. Immediately after roasting, the beans begin to deteriorate their taste.

For this reason, you will need to be careful about how you store the beans.

If possible, you can put the coffee beans in separate cans: one for immediate use, and the other for long term use. This will ensure you don’t have to open the airtight can often.

Do not put your coffee beans in the fridge. The fridge is humid, and the presence of other food smells may infiltrate the coffee can, compromising its taste and flavor. The freezer, while dry, will be too cold for the coffee beans.

Ensure that the place you store your coffee beans is far from the fireplace and other warmth generating appliances.

Parting Shot

Storing coffee beans in the right way can assure you of months of fresh coffee in the house. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that humidity, heat, light, and oxygen are detrimental in your coffee beans long-lasting effect. If eliminated, you can have your favorite taste, flavor, and aroma gracing your kitchen for months, and in the case of green coffee beans, years.

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