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The History Of Pizza – From Italy to America

The history of Pizza is a long and interesting one. It was first made in the 1700s by Italian peasants, who would make it free to eat or sell at local markets. Even though it’s now famous worldwide, many people don’t know how it originated! We’ll explore its history from Italy to America below. You can click the link if you want to know the Best Pizza In St Louis

The history of Pizza starts with its origin in ancient Rome as focaccia bread topped with oil and herbs, called “panis focacius.” The modern version appeared after tomatoes were brought back to Europe from South America in the early 16th century; this new dish became known as pasta Pomodoro (literally tomato bread). 

From there, an unknown Neapolitan decided to put a topping of cheese and tomatoes (probably Mozzarella) on top, creating the first “Pizza.” Neapolitan Pizza became popular as fast food that was easy to prepare and eat for poor and wealthy people. The dish eventually spread throughout the world: first through Italian immigrants opening pizzerias throughout South America and Asia and later by US soldiers who tasted the dish at Italian restaurants during World War II.

This is why many jurisdictions list “Pizza” as an acceptable description of a particular type of flatbread, even if they do not use the word “Pizza” to refer to this kind of food. For example, in most English-speaking countries, Pizza refers to flatbreads topped with any combination of tomato sauce and cheese and whatever ingredients (meats/vegetables) are desired by the cook.

In Latin America, South Africa, and Asia, Pizza has become a generic term for baked dough covered with something sweet or savory – basically anything that can be put on top of bread and then baked. While most people understand it to mean a pie consisting of a thin layer of bread dough topped with tomato sauce and cheese, some now use the word “Pizza” as a generic description of almost any kind of baked dough with toppings. This is because most people now have access to a wider variety of foods than in the 1800s when Pizza was first created.

What Are The Most Popular Pizza Toppings?

Types Of Pizzas In America Today

One nice thing about having delicious options like this is that vegetarian versions of popular toppings, or alternative ingredients are available for people who prefer not to have meat in their meals.

Not all pizza places offer the same toppings; therefore, if you are unhappy with the selection, it is best to choose a restaurant that specializes in Pizza rather than order from somewhere else. If you want an even greater variety of flavors and ingredients, then consider making your Pizza at home!

There are many options available for buying or making pizzas these days, so there is undoubtedly something for everyone.

Pizza is one of the best things to eat for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast! Now we know the history of Pizza, the next question would be what your favorite type of Pizza is?

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