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Tips for dosa?

Short: what’s your preferred Dosa flour? Ratio of rice to black gram? Should wheat be in there? Any premixed flours you recommend, or should you mix your own, or even grind your own? What’s up with sour curd?

Long: My family has been cooking and eating quite a bit of dosa recently. For me, it’s because I can’t get enough of it; for my mother, she’s… Kinda bought into a lot of food pseudoscience, part of which involves paranoia towards gluten, despite neither of us being celiac. A large part of it is due to my autism diagnosis, but I feel that she trusts naturopathy and other alternative medicines much more than is warranted.

(Un)fortunately, that paranoia also extends to lactose, but the recipe for the dosa flour we’ve been using calls for sour curd (which I’m assuming is dahi). This is a twofold problem, one for the reason in the previous sentence, two because I’m not sure what dahi really is, if plain yogurt can suffice, and that I don’t know if I can find any where I live.

Also, our dosa mix isn’t labeled as rava dosa, yet it has wheat in it. Is this supposed to be a thing? I’ve never actually eaten “true” rava dosa before; is it different in texture and taste to dosa with just rice and black gram?


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