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Typical Egyptian food: Ful medames

One of the most popular dishes in Egypt and by extension of the Middle East is Ful medames also called ful mudammas. It consists of a dish where broad beans, a green type of bean that can be eaten raw is its main component. Egypt is a country where dried vegetables are abundant, so many of their typical dishes contain this type of food. It is usually served around midday, also being one of the main dishes during Ramadan.

Before being served, it is seasoned with abundant garlic and olive oil; it is also added some chopped parsley, onions and lemon juice. It is usually eaten with bread. Ful medames has a slightly salty yet bittersweet taste since it contains lemon juice and a few additives like pepper and salt.

The ingredients are added step by step to a pan and the result is a delicious mixture of healthy vegetarian ingredients.

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