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What and Where to Eat in the UK

When you go to any other country, you often want to eat foreign delicacies you can’t find in your own country. Thus, travelers are often offered to eat local food and visit local establishments.

Before you go to the establishments, you need to rent a car for the ride on the website This way, you can taste more varied food and visit more establishments than if you were traveling on foot. There are a lot of exciting places in London alone. If you went on a gastro tour with friends, you better hire a van to visit as many places as possible.

Where to Eat in the UK?

To get acquainted with the national cuisine of England, you have to start with London. Here are unique places for tourists to visit with an abundance of diverse cuisine.

OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie

The OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar & Brasserie is located on the eighth floor of the OXO Tower. The central hall of the tower is divided into two halves: the restaurant on the east and the bar and beer restaurant on the west. Both spaces are linked by a 75-meter terrace with breathtaking views of London.

The stylish and creative menu combines traditional English cuisine with a modern interpretation. The bar has a lively atmosphere, perfectly complemented by a fabulous menu, live jazz, and high-quality service.

Muse by Tom Aikens

One of London’s most famous is the Tom Aikens-led restaurant Muse, a traditional British restaurant. Start with the frothy mashed potatoes and mushrooms, which for some reason, are served here in a shot glass. Continue with oysters and crabmeat. Remember to try the cheeses, dessert, and homemade chocolate. The servers and maitre d’ will ensure an unforgettable experience at this restaurant.

The O2 Arena

The O2 Arena is the world’s third-largest entertainment center and the UK’s first busiest, with over 1 million visitors annually.

Whether you want to attend sporting events, rock and pop stars, classical concerts, or theatrical productions, you can always have a good lunch or dinner here. The 96 halls around the stunning arena offer you a complete overview and impeccable service. There’s plenty to choose from:

Beach Blanket Babylon

The name of a restaurant housed in an old Georgian mansion in the heart of Notting Hill. Here you can enjoy a fine dining experience outdoors in colonial Britain, but you can also order an intimate dinner in a more intimate setting. Appropriate Baroque and Rococo lighting design of the rooms make this place attractive to tourists.

The Ivy

Want to get in on the vanity fair? Head to The Ivy, a favorite spot for filmmakers, musicians, and business people. Or maybe you want to try the traditional English set of fish and chips, pigeons, tuna, and potato and meat shepherd’s pie? They make such a delicious casserole that it’s simply finger-licking. And the impressions from the meeting with English beau monde will be enough to last you at least until your next vacation.

Bateaux London Thames Dining Cruises

Enjoy the atmosphere of London at night and dine in a comfortable setting on the Bateaux London Thames Dining Cruises.

Portobello Road Market and Golborne Road Market

A popular place among Londoners and tourists alike, Portobello Road Market was founded in the early 1800s but became famous in 1950. If you get hungry, you’ll find food stalls with natural treats.

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Foods worth tasting in England

As you understand, England is full of unique national dishes you have to taste.

Fish and chips

“Fish and chips” is one of England’s most famous dishes.

The dish consists of fish and potatoes deep-fried in lard or vegetable oil. The peculiarity of the dish is a unique batter, which is prepared with the addition of English beer or ale.

Steak and kidney pudding

This dish was first mentioned in the 19th century. The meat and kidney pudding are steamed for about 4 hours and served on a plate with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and hot pudding.

Melton-Mowbray Pork Pie

An original dish of England, the famous Leicestershire Pork Pie of the adventures of the county of Leicestershire, the town of Melton Mowbray.

Melton-Mowbray pork pie was the typical food of typical laborers. The nobility saw this pie on the table in the 18th century. Then the nobles, hungry during a hunt, tasted what the servants ate, and they were delighted. With slight modifications, the recipe for this famous pie has survived.

Toad in the Burrow/Sausage Toad

Regardless of the pathos name, there are no frogs in the recipe. The dish got its unusual name because of the appearance of sausages peeking out of indentations in the dough. Somewhat reminiscent of everyone’s favorite hot dog.

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