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What Are the Alternatives to Sour Cream in Cheesecake?

Sour cream is one of the significant things used in making a cheesecake. It gives cheesecake an amazing texture and great taste, making it so delicious, and most people love it. However, every chef has a specialty for making a cheesecake, and not every cook follows the same recipe. 

Some people use a substitute for sour cream in cheesecake in order to do some experiments and give the cheesecake a different taste. In addition, folks should know about alternatives to sour cream in cheesecake in order to make changes in this cake that enhance its taste. 

Heavy Whip Cream 

Using heavy whipping cream is a great idea in cheesecake instead of sour cream. Further, whip cream is a dairy product that is made when the cream is homogenized and pasteurized. A great level of pressure is applied, and also there is a need to massive heat to help in various things, including:

There are a lot of things in which heavy whipping cream is used, such as making beverages, butter, and many more things. The best thing is that this cream is a great source of phosphorus and calcium, which are necessary for the human body as it strengthens the bones of a person. 

There are plenty of vitamins included in heavy whipping cream, for example:

All of these vitamins are essential things to improve one’s health system. In addition, this specific cream is beneficial in early brain development and also improves metabolism. 

Cottage Cheese

Skimmed milk is necessary to make the cottage cheese during the complete making process of this cheese. This particular cheese is a dairy product that contains a non-homogenous texture. No doubt, it is an excellent substitute for sour cream as it adds mild flavor and taste to the cheesecake.

 One of the best things about using cottage cheese in baking a cheesecake is that it contains a great amount of protein but is low in fat. Using cottage cheese is a healthy alternative to sour cream as it is good for human health. 

Plus, this cream is rich in calcium which is beneficial for bones. Moreover, you can eat delicious cheesecake without harming your body. Moreover, using cottage cheese in baking a cheesecake is the perfect option as it provides several health benefits. 

Crème Fraiche 

Crème Fraiche is one of the kinds of soured cream which is originated in France. Its taste and quality are much similar to sour cream as they both have an exact pH rate of 4.5. As a result, sour cream and crème fraiche both have the same taste. 

However, the biggest difference between these two is that the crème fraiche is much thicker than sour cream. Also, crème fraiche is healthier than sour cream as it includes around 40% of butterfat. In order to get the best possible results from cheesecake, you should use crème fraiche instead of sour cream.

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