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Which foods to eat and which to avoid during THC detox

Everyone may have a different reason to detox and eat some foods to enhance the process while avoiding foods that will undermine the same. Many reasons might prompt you to detox, including an impending drug test that you want to pass, tolerance break, or even support the idea of quitting weed for good. Scientific research and anecdotal accounts of successful drug test candidates indicate that observing THC detox one or two weeks prior to a test can help you pass that job interview and land that dream career you’ve always wanted, according to this article:

So, what foods should you eat in plenty during detox? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

·         High fiber and whole-grain foods

To achieve full detox, you’ll not only need to keep your digestive tract healthy but also ensure complete metabolisms of THC toxins that are stored in the fat cells.  That way, the toxins will be removed from the body as part of facet matter instead of remaining prevalent in body fluids such as saliva, blood, and sweat. Some of the foods rich in fiber include nuts and legumes, cooked potatoes’ skin, whole grain cereals such as brown bread, brown rice, and pasta. It will also help if you take at least five portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Remember, the goal is to make you have a flawless digestive tract during the detox period!

·         Lean protein

Do you experience difficulties with maintaining your vegetable dietary needs? (Not everyone likes vegetables such as kales and cabbages). Well, worry not. You can also substitute that with lean protein such as eggs, turkey, harm, and chicken. You can try a range of dairy products such as yogurt and whole milk

·         .  Antioxidant-rich foods

You might also want to enjoy the benefits of foods that support weight loss since you want to burn all those fats that contain THC deposits. Consider taking foods rich in omega 3 oils that can be achieved if you mix your regular diet with ground flaxseed. We also encourage that you eat food rich in pectin, a special fiber that helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals in the body. Pectin is prevalent in fruits like cranberries, blueberries, apples, raspberries, and strawberries.

Foods that you should avoid during detox include but aren’t limited to the following:

·         Processed food

Junk food from your cafeteria or favorite eatery should be a no-go zone if you want a successful detox. Try to avoid candy, cookies, and chips as much as possible, as they’ll only lead to weight gain. These foods are rich in fats, which will be deposited in the body alongside THC traces to be metabolized later and released right into the bloodstream, maybe during your test.

·         Sugar

Both processed and artificial sugar and foods containing them should be avoided during detox. Sugary foods, too, just like junk food promote weight gain, and that translates to excess fat deposits alongside THC traces. Other foods that should be avoided at all costs include refined flour products and red meat.

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