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Why choose feta cheese instead of the ordinary one?

A few months ago, archeological activities proved the origin of cheese, similar to the feta, which dates around seven thousand years from now. This shows us how ancient the traditions of its preparation and consumption are and how valuable they appear to be for the survival and evolution of the human race. It is true, there is evidence for the major moment, the human began to consume meat to develop its mental growth and way of living. In addition, also discovered is the benefit of eating milk products while especially the cheese gets a significant place in the ancient daily routine menus, as it reduces the death rate at an early age.

The society of the modern consumer

The cow milk feta cheese remains one of the most preferred dairy products thanks to its remarkable food characteristics. After you try it, you sense notes of butter and cow’s milk. It is extremely popular in Greek culinary art. The feta is way less caloric than the other types of cheese.

Seasoned with the proper spices it could become a point of interest for the gastronomes and be a quite fancy part of the dinner, alongside. When roasted on meat or a sandwich, it brings unforgettable pleasure to the palate. In a salad or just like that its soft and gentle flavor is always an absolute taste. The certain sauce you choose gets thicker and richer when you add some cheese to it. Quite of a combination is the feta cheese being consumed with some grapes and different fresh vegetables, or when you drink a glass of dry wine.

Everybody knows how healthy and recommendable the regular consumption of cow’s milk is. It is the only product to supply us with the necessary amount of calcium. But if you decide to replace it with something else, the cheese is the perfect thing for this idea.

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Quality and vision

Check for a clean white color, tiny holes, and a porous surface when you choose your feta. If it smells kinda tingling or bitter, it is undoubtedly not consumable. Like the other types of cheese, the feta is also being stored in some souse. This way it lasts for 14 days with the flavor features preserved. A life hack shows, that if you want to extend the expiry date of your cheese, you should cover it with olive oil instead of souse. This way it is going to last longer while the liquid gold makes its taste thicker and not so salty.

Food characteristics

Its optimum mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat is considered to be the perfect source of healthy elements. Less than 300 calories consist of 100 grams of this product, which means you can peacefully consume it with no worries about raising your cholesterol rates. Its bigger and most important benefit is that the cheese is an ecological and clean product. The high content of calcium makes it extremely valuable for women who are breastfeeding babies or just pregnant. Thanks to the rich amount of good bacteria, it helps to normalize the condition of the intestinal tract.

It is not recommended for people with lactose intolerance or overweight tolerance. It could perplex the medical condition of diabetics from type 2.

Technology of preparing

There is no doubt the Greeks are masters in the delicacy preparations, but there are many companies that handle the processes no way worse. One of the secrets for excellent taste is the storage in wooden casks. They contribute to the authentic and soft sense in the end. 

The sheep’s milk, in some cases mixed with the goat’s milk, is being heated at a low temperature until they coagulate. The thick and hard material is being extracted aside, while all of the liquids outflow completely. The next step is to get the product salted. For example, the ancient Greeks have been using seawater to achieve this. Afterward, it is time for the cheese to age, which process can go on from two weeks to two months. The texture it composes is porous and gentle and it looks more like cottage cheese than the traditional cow cheese.

The final thing comes to the way of serving it – with or without your favorite add-ons. You could enjoy eating it not only for its flavor features but for the fact that you put your trust in the way the cheese influences your health, too.

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