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Why Dining Local Is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Community

In the recent aftermath of the global pandemic, there are more messages than ever before encouraging individuals to dine locally. When it comes to supporting your community, it’s a good message to consider following. In fact, there are many reasons that dining locally can help your community. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing to support small and locally owned dining establishments near you.

Support Local Farmers

Many local restaurants rely on the food that is produced by local farmers or ranchers for their dishes. Most fruits and vegetables often just take too long to ship from other locations, especially if they are specialty items. If they are buying something that can be produced locally, it is smarter and more economical to buy it from local farmers or ranchers. When you eat local, you help to support the local farmers in your area. You are likely getting higher quality and fresher food served to you when you choose to eat this way as well.

Less Waste

When you opt for eating in your local area, you ultimately help to reduce food waste. Remember that local restaurants purchase from local farmers. So, the more people that eat at the restaurant on a regular basis will help to up the consumption of the local farmer’s crops throughout the year. This means that less of the crop is being shipped to far off places. The shorter the shipment time involved in the handling of food, the less food waste from problems like rot and moisture.

More Jobs in Your Local Area

When looking for places to dine, always consider a local option in your own city or town. When you eat locally, you’re spending your money on helping others have jobs in your community. Think about it like this for a minute. There are a number of people that work in a local restaurant. You have the front of the house people like your waiters and hosts. At the back of the house, you have all your cooks, dishwashers, and janitorial staff. Lastly, you have all of the managers that take care of the logistics and finances. That’s a lot of people being employed because people like you choose to eat locally and support your local economy.

Allows You to Meet Members of the Community

When you head out to your local restaurant, the people that serve you live in your local community. This is perfect for those trying to get to know new people in their area. In addition, many small mom and pop restaurants will have owners that are more likely to be on the floor serving customers. This is a great chance to meet local business owners in the community.

If you want to find ways to support these local restaurants, consider hosting your next family or business dinner at one of them. You can also work with the restaurant on a fundraiser where you or a local boy or girl scout troop sell coupons or gift cards to the restaurant while raising funds for a local charitable organization. This helps that restaurant get more business while also giving back to other members of your community.

Dining locally at small, non-chain restaurants is something that you and your family should consider doing a couple of times a month. Not only do you get to save on a night of not having to prepare your own dinner, but you also get to support your local community members. The above are four great reasons that everyone should consider dining locally more often.

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