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Why Eating Food In a Moving Vehicle Should Be Avoided?

The American country is considered to be the pioneer of drive-through before the rest of the world seemingly picked up the trend, and this is accredited to Jordan Martin in the 1930s. In fact, a QSR Study of Drive-Throughs 2019 shows that customers spend about 225 seconds from speaker to window to get their food while on the move. A study by QSR Magazine states that there are over 8,000 McDonald’s drive-thrus alone in the USA that are now using tech designed by Dynamic Yield. 

Quite simply put, we are pretty much encouraged to have our meals in vehicles. However, according to the NHSTA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association), distracted driving claimed more than 2,841 lives in 2018 and while in a 100 car study, only 1.57 numbers of times was a person found eating behind the wheel, a distraction or secondary task while driving can be fatal. 

In light of this information, let us take a quick look at some of the reasons that can make you make better decisions regarding eating while traveling by car.

Eating and Driving Behind the Wheel  

If you are the one behind the wheel and are indulging yourself in a meal, then that could trigger a distraction, and for sure, it could lead to a mishap or a loss of attention. While cell phones or smartphones are most associated with car accidents, a simple, fast food meal can also result in you meeting an accident injury doctor

The actions themselves which are associated with eating can be a nuisance for a driver to manage, and as such, they are classified as secondary task distractions by the NHTSA. In fact, in many case scenarios, a simple action such as drinking from an open container while driving has also been found by studies to have increased the odds of a near miss and even a crash by almost 30%, which is certainly not worth it. 

Even for a snack, a food item can cause three different types of distractions, such as:

Eating while driving is not a necessity and can be easily prevented. All you need to do is simply park your car in a safe and secure spot, unwrap your food item, and enjoy your meal in your car. Just pull over, drive your car to a safe spot or a parking space. 

And by doing this, you are not only preventing yourself from getting a serious injury but also making the road safe for everyone else. I know food tastes best when it is hot, so asking you to wait till you get home or to whatever destination might be too much for some. 

But hey, once you get your food, just park your car and make it come to a halt, and now you can enjoy your meal and savor all the taste while it tantalizes your taste buds. That is all that you have got to do, which can be considered the most life-saving and practical driving tips eve. 

Risks Involved With Food in a Moving Car

Food can sometimes make things messy. We have all been in the place where we find ourselves ravenously having a go at a scrumptious meal, and all of a sudden, we realize there is a definite need for a napkin or two. However, things can get even more troublesome while you are traveling in a car. Some of the biggest risks include:

Worst Food Items to Eat While Driving

While I am in no position to tell you that there are some food items that can be permissible while you drive, there are indeed some which are quite tenacious and can cause serious trouble. These include:

Well, that is it for today. Please keep in mind that I myself am a voracious eater myself, and food is indeed my first love. However, I believe that God gave us a sensible sense of responsibility and the knowledge to understand and prioritize others’ safety and well-being over all other things. You can surely enjoy the best meal in the world in your car. I just wish that you decide to park it somewhere first. Not only will you enjoy every flavor that your meal has to offer, but on a spiritual note, you will do justice to the food as well. Bon Appetite, and then Bon Voyage!!! 

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